Twenty Five

So as I mentioned in this post, it was my birthday on Monday! Now I love my birthday more than anyone else on the planet (except maybe my Mum) so I'd been excited about it for weeks. And managed to stretch it out for about four days.
Friday was my first celebration - party tea at my Nan's with my parents. We had sandwiches and smoked salmon and salad and she even made me a cake! On Saturday Phil and I continued our birthday tradition and we went to Alton Towers, and on Sunday we had brunch, saw family and also did boring grown up stuff like food shopping and washing the bedding. 
On Monday Phil sung Happy Birthday to me and let me open my presents in bed! He had assured me previously that he'd "done really well this year" and I was intrigued when I had four presents seeing as we had a strict budget! He did do well - Phil got me a Mouse Rat tshirt, Toothless, a Cookie Monster oven glove that I'd told him about ages ago and a Wii fit! I also got a Leon cookbook from Phil's Mum and Dad and some clothes from my auntie. 
Now loads of people asked me if I was doing anything nice for my birthday, but I actually just went into work! It was actually really nice to work on my birthday - I brought in sweets and everyone said happy birthday to me, I got more Parks and Recreation stuff from Natalie and presents from my boss. 
We also went out for a great lunch and my meal ended up being free! Mexican food is my favourite and I looooove Lucha Libre which is just around the corner from work. I had the halloumi and pineapple burrito. It was amazing.
After work my parents came over and we did more presents before we went for dinner! From my parents I got lots of lipstick, house stuff and books, and this amazing yellow biker jacket which I cannot wait to wear in the Spring!
We went for diner at Artisan, which is where Phil and I went for our anniversary. It's one of my favourite places in Manchester. We had houmous and olives to start and I had the haddock fishcake with asparagus, hollandaise and a poached egg. It was just amazing. Oh and it was also free! (Seriously though, about three months ago I signed up for the mailing lists of anywhere that did free birthday meals or drinks haha).
For dessert I had two scoops of ice cream - one salted caramel and one raspberry pavlova. They brought it out with a candle in and everyone sang happy birthday! Also the ice cream was incredible. The salted caramel had a big blob of caramel on top but I think the raspberry pavlova just pipped it. I love meringue!
We were going to go for another drink afterwards, but the weather was absolutely awful so I said goodbye to my parents and Phil and I went home. Being the crazy person that I am, I actually came home and organised my makeup and jewellery in my new makeup organizer and jewellery box, and wrote in my new 5 year journal with one of my new pencils.
I had such a good birthday that I had the worst post-birthday blues yesterday! It was pretty low-key as birthdays go, but it was exactly what I needed! I was absolutely spoiled and I spent the day with my favourite people!
Thanks to everyone who sent me birthday wishes - I really appreciate it!

Charlotte x


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