Thank you all for your lovely comments on yesterday's post about mine and Phil's one year anniversary! We had such a lovely day yesterday that I thought I would share it with you!
We had a table booked at Artisan in Manchester at 7pm, so Phil came over before to do presents! My Mum decorated the living room for us with candles, and set up a little table for us with some bubbly, chocolates and rose petals. How lovely is that? I've been planning Phil's anniversary present for absolutely months and I've been so excited slash nervous about giving it to him! I've been keeping what we call "The Date Book" since we first started dating and I've basically been writing down every day we've been on since the start! So a few months ago I decided for our anniversary to get a print made for Phil with some of the special dates we've had together this year for in our bedroom when we get our flat. It's pretty cheesy so I was worried it would be too cheesy but Phil loved it! I also got him some fridge magnets of photos of us that I got from Sticky9.
Phil came to the door with a bunch of flowers (unpictured, but they're lilies and roses and they're gorgeous) and he got me a homemade card (!), a bag from the place where we had our first date and an "anniversary journal" which I'm pretty sure he got from Pinterest! He's written "8th November 2014" and given me lots of cinema tickets, theatre tickets and all other bits that he's saved from this year for me to stick in, and then the idea is that you write about the year you've had every year on your anniversary. It's such a great idea. And of course, my main present, a gorgeous diamond and silver bracelet. I can't stop staring at it.
I was going to buy a new dress for our anniversary, but then I remembered this dress and honestly I never wear it because it's rarely appropriate. But I think for our anniversary it was perfect. Phil scrubbed up pretty well too! This photo of us is my new favourite.
We headed into Manchester for our meal at Artisan. Spinningfield looked absolutely gorgeous with all the excitement and Christmas lights. Artisan is absolutely amazing too and was a really great place for our anniversary. We really splashed out on a lovely meal and while I dithered over whether to get the tuna steak, it was totally worth it. It was one of the best tuna steaks I've ever had! 
Oh and there was a photobooth! Phil and I love stuff like that so we had to get our photos taken. However it didn't warn you when it was going to take so we weren't quite ready in the first photo as you can see...
After dinner we went to the Hilton for cocktails. I've never been to Cloud 23 so I was really excited. The view was incredible and I was really chuffed that we saw some fireworks. Even though we were higher up than them!
It's been the best weekend I could have asked for and the perfect celebration of a year together. 


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