My Favourite Lipsticks

Until recently, I was never really a big lipstick wearer. I was a big lipstick buyer, but when it came to wearing them I could never get past my first snack of the day without wiping it off. But now I wear lipstick at least once a week. I always struggle with keeping it on (I've tried everything - liner, blotting, sealing with power, Lipcote, using a brush instead of straight from the bullet...) but I can just about accept that I'll need a few touchups throughout the day to account for my bi-hourly snacking. I thought to honour my newest obsession, I would show you some of my favourite lipsticks in my collection (this is nowhere near all of them!). I've intentionally not edited these photos so you can see the colour properly for each one. I apologise in advance for a) weird photos of my face and b) the fact that I kind of suck at doing lipstick. These were all applied with a lipbrush and I've mentioned for each one which liner I've used (I always use liner).
MAC- Pure Zen
If you see me wearing any kind of nude lipstick, it will be this. It took me a long time to find the perfect nude for me, but I love this so much that I actually have three of it so keep in various handbags. I wear this almost every day.
MAC- Impassioned
This was the first MAC lipstick I ever bought, after a girl served me in a shop wearing it and I had to know what it was. It's stupidly bright and amazing, and probably the longest-wearing of my lipsticks. I've worn this a few times on a night out and found myself still wearing it the next day! I usually wear a very neutral pink lipstick with this, purely because I don't have one that matches! Mine is Rimmel in Eastend Snob.
Rimmel- Glam Plum Fulham
I bought this as I heard it was a dupe for MAC's Rebel. It isn't on me at all (see below- Rebel looks very pink on me), but it's a gorgeous wintery shade that I love. It's probably the darkest of all my lipsticks. It has a really creamy finish that I really like. I wear it with Maybelline's colour sensation lipliner in Midnight Plum.
Rimmel- Kate Moss 20
This is my go-to bright pink lipstick. I've had it for ages and was recently researching Girl About Town dupes and this was mentioned as a dupe. I was so excited when I remembered I already had it. It's a very bright, Barbie pink and it's gorgeous. I wear this with the same liner as Impassioned.
Rimmel- Kate Moss 07
I'd forgotten about this lipstick until a few weeks ago but it's a gorgeous wintery red. I tend to wear very blue-reds but I prefer this for winter. I wear it with MAC lipliner in Brick.
MAC- Russian Red
This was my first MAC red (I have three now) and it's my favourite red for an evening. I prefer Ruby Woo for during the day but Russian Red is my favourite for a classy night-out red. I wear it with Brick liner.
MAC- Rebel
My current favourite lipstick. Ah I just love it. I got it thanks to Back to MAC a few weeks ago and I wear it at least once a week. It's very pink on me but it's one of those colours that seems to look different on everyone. I wear it with NYX liner in Bloom (great dupe for MAC Magenta).
MAC- Ruby Woo
My go-to red lipstick. Some people don't like how matte it is but that's what I love about it. It's a perfect retro red lip. It is a little tricky to apply but it's probably my all-time favourite lipstick. Just a perfect red. I wear it with Max Factor lipliner in Red Rush - I find Brick a little too dark.
I've mentioned all my lipliners in this post, but here they all are. I wear lipliner with all my lipsticks except Pure Zen. It's something I picked up from my Mum and I'm rubbish at applying lipstick so using liner makes it feel more like I'm just colouring in. I need to invest in a clear lipliner because I end up needing to buy new lipliners whenever I get a new lipstick, but I feel like I have a good collection now! From top to bottom - Max Factor Red Rush, MAC Brick, Rimmel Exaggerate in Eastend Snob, Maybelline Colour Sensation in Midnight Plum and NYX pencil in Bloom.
And finally, my tools. I've had this retractable lip brush for years and it is the bomb. I got it in Sephora while I was on my year abroad and nothing has ever compared. I also use MAC Prep and Prime as it was a Christmas present last year. I don't think it makes a huge difference so I probably wouldn't repurchase but it makes my lips feel nice, and finally Lipcote, which I use if I want my lipstick to last longer than usual. It makes applying over the top difficult but it does increase longevity.

Next on my list? MAC Girl about Town and NARS Dragon Girl.

What's your favourite lipstick?

Charlotte x


  1. The Rimmel Kate Moss 20 is one of my favorites too! I've been wanting to try the 07, but I haven't had an occasion for red lips just yet.

  2. I love your choice of colours, the Rimmel Kate Moss one is my fave though. The consistency is amazing.

    Malia x

  3. Love those colors!!


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