Christmas Dress

My Christmas Day outfit is kind of a big deal. I know a lot of people who don't get out of their pyjamas on Christmas day but in my family getting dressed up on Christmas day is tradition. For the last two years I've worn my red Audrey dress and I'd ordered a sequin jacket to go with it, but when it arrived it just wasn't right. I went on the hunt for the perfect Christmas Day dress and stumbled over this one. It was just right. Pale blue is such a nice change from the usual reds and blacks of Christmas, but it has enough sparkle to feel festive. I'm planning to wear it for the first time next week for Phil's work's Christmas do but I'm sure it will be worn lots over the festive period. These shoes are also new. I picked them precisely to go with this dress. I would have gone for gold or nude but I was advised to go for a darker colour and I really like them. They're Clarks and have a really cosy insole inside them which makes them extra comfy - which is perfect as at Phil's Christmas party last year my shoes were so uncomfortable that my feet were bleeding when I got home! There will also always be curly hair and red lipstick. Always.
heels- c/o Shoetique
fur jacket- Quiz

I cannot believe it's December next week! I am one of those people who goes nuts about Christmas, but I can't let myself get excited until 1st December! From next week onwards I'll be rotating my three Christmas jumpers until Boxing Day, listening solely to Christmas songs and eating mince pies every day. I've bought almost all my presents now, with the exception of my Dad's and Phil's parents, but I know exactly what I'm getting everybody. It's so exciting. I can't wait to put up the tree, watch Love Actually and wrap presents. I'm finally going to the Manchester Christmas markets at the weekend which is another festive tradition, and on Friday my Mum is meeting me after work for a spot of Chistmas shopping and dinner.
Everything is quiet at the moment but in a good way. I have lots on for December but I'm looking forward to it. On Saturday I'm having my first Rebel Bingo experience - has anyone been? I have no idea what to expect! Apparently you need to expect to be drawn on?! I'll let you know what it was like next week.
Have a lovely week!

Charlotte x


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