All I Want for Christmas is You

I've accidentally posted the three cheesiest posts I've ever written on my blog all in one go. I bet my colleague Natalie is hating this. Sorry not sorry. Except maybe for this post title. I might have gone too far.
Anyway, this is Phil's first proper experience of being on my blog. Matalan got in touch a few weeks ago and wanted to send me not one, but two Christmas jumpers - one for me and one for a friend or partner! Now Phil, like me, loves a good Christmas jumper - these aren't our first Christmas-jumper-themed photos - so I knew he was the guy for the job. I also trusted him to pick the cheesiest jumper of them all. Which he did. 
I am completely and utterly in love with these photos. Holiday cards aren't really a thing in the UK but I think we're missing a trick by not sending one out with these photos. I did ask Phil and then pretended I was joking when he looked at me with disgust.
christmas jumpers- c/o Matalan
I've already told you about the wonderful day we had for our anniversary on Saturday, but we also had a really lovely day on Sunday. We dressed up in our Christmas jumpers to take these photos, watched Peaky Blinders (we're two episodes away from finishing season 2!) and then went to the IMAX to see Interstellar (which is really good, by the way!). After a year of convincing, I finally joined Phil in the Cineworld Unlimited card club so I'm trying to see as many films as possible at the moment. We also saw Nightcrawler last week which I highly recommend and we're off to see Mr Turner this weekend. 
Sorry for all the cheese. Kind of.

Have a lovely week!

Charlotte x


  1. The fifth photo would make a banging holiday card!! Love it. Both so cute.

  2. This is stunning! Love your blog, would be really great if you could check my blog out.


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