It's beginning to look a (bit) like Christmas

We're not quite in full Christmas mode yet in the Crowley household. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you might know that we are having a lot of renovations done on our house and as a result things have been a bit mental! And to make matters worse, we haven't been able to put the Christmas tree up yet! The carpets are being put down today in our living room, which means we can finally put our tree up this week. However, a lack of Christmas tree hasn't stopped me from getting into the Christmas spirit...
Christmas Jumper time!
Phil and I have been wearing our Christmas jumpers since the 1st December (okay I might have put mine on on the 29th November...) and yes, I am wearing reindeer antlers in the first picture. Phil's jumper never fails to make me laugh (it's from Primark, fellas!)
Sippin' on Fruit Broo
I've talked before about my love of Whittards Fruit Tea, but unfortunately they are full of sugar so I tried to only have one a day. But then I was sent a box of lovely Fruit Broos. These are perfect for cold winter nights and full of flavour! My favourite is the Apple and Ginger flavour, which reminds me of American Hot Apple Cider- my favourite drink when I lived in Minnesota.
A Mysterious package from Uniqlo!
A few weeks ago I received a Twitter message from Uniqlo telling me a Christmas stocking would be coming to me soon. How exciting! However a few days wernt by and I totally forgot, so when a huge red box turned up on my doorstep I thought I'd been online shopping in my sleep again. Nope it was a Christmas stocking with my name on! Here's what was inside...
A cashmere hat and cashmere gloves, a grey floral scarf, a candy cane, tree ornaments, a bracelet and my favourite of course...
I'd actually been watching about a dozen pairs of furry earmuffs on eBay so I was over the moon to find these inside! I can't wait to wear them!
Present Wrapping
I still wasn't in the Christmas spirit on Thursday so I went into town to grab some cards and wrapping paper (how cute is this owl paper? It's from Primark!) and then put some Christmas music on and wrapped my presents to get me in the mood!
Best Christmas present ever?
Yes, that is a Breaking Bad charm bracelet. Oh did I not mention that I'm obsessed with Breaking Bad? I went out with some of my old colleagues on Friday and Kris and I had bought each other presents. She'd sent me the link to it ages ago but I definitely didn't expect her to buy it for me! It has a little jar of blue meth, Heisenberg's hat, a gas mask, the RV (with bullet holes in the roof!) a shovel, a gun and loads of other amazing things! I love it so much!
The best way to spread Christmas cheer...
We had a quiet night in our Saturday night and I remembered that we hadn't watched Elf this year! Elf is one of my favourite Chirstmas films and it always puts me in the Christmas spirit. And maybe makes me cry a bit. JUST A BIT!
A visit from Santa
Does anyone else get a Santa float coming down their road at Christmas? This is serious tradition for us and we were so excited last night waiting for him to arrive. I'm probably a little bit too old to go sit on his lap, but I did run out in my slippers to take a picture!
A few festive lights
To stop me complaining about not having the tree up yet, my Dad put up our Christmas candle and turned on the lights in our porch last night. We haven't taken the lights down since last year!
Festive Pandora Addition
I was contacted a few weeks ago by the lovely people at Joshua James jewellery who wanted to send me a festive charm for my Pandora bracelet. Now I don't wear my Pandora all the time, but the charms I have all mean so much to me. My graduation cap, the panda my parents got me before I went on my year abroad, the suitcase my friends bought me for my 20th Birthday to name but a few! I wanted something bright and after literally weeks of umming and ahhing I went for this candy cane. It brightens my bracelet up so much!
It's a Wonderful Life
Confession time- I have never seen It's a Wonderful Life all the way through, and neither have my parents, so we ordered this to watch before Christmas. I hear I'll need tissues...

I'm hoping to have more Christmassy stuff to post next week when our tree is finally up! Can you believe next week is Christmas?!

Charlotte x


  1. It's a Wonderful Life is a great one! You better make it through, this time! My husband hadn't seen it when we got married but I quickly changed that! :) I can definitely see that you're gradually getting into the season of Christmas activities!

  2. I don't like It's A Wonderful Life all that much, but I looove ELF! It's nice to see all the festive touches you're bringing into your life :)

  3. I love it's a wonderful life! Never seen elf!


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