November in Photos

1. Rocking the Breaking Bad tshirts
Yes Kris and I did co-ordinate.
2. Friday night cocktails
3. Train supplies 
 4. My first trip to Oxford
A few weeks ago I took my first ever trip to Oxford to visit my friend Becca. I am pretty embarrassed that I had never been to Oxford before. We made like proper tourists and took the big red bus tour. It was great and such a brilliant city.
5. And then we had pizza
6. And watched the Green Mile
Which I had also never seen before! I read the book last year and loved it. Not exactly the cheeriest film for a Saturday night though!
7. Godfrey the Gingerbread man
We popped into Pret so I could grab a coffee and while we were there I spotted this poor gingerbread man whose head had fallen off! When I pointed it out to the lady in the shop she said I could keep him!
8. Becca and I on the tour bus
9. Fish pie for tea
I got back pretty late from Oxford and my Mum had made an excellent fish pie with sweet potato mash. Yum. 
10. Third Blood Donation
It was all going fine until I had too hot of a shower the next morning and had to spend five minutes lay on the bathroom floor with my legs in the air.
11. Theatre Trip
As I mentioned, Phil and I went see Sweeney Todd a few weeks ago. I loved the Tim Burton version as a teenager and the theatre production was amazing.
12. Brunch at Home Sweet Home
We'd been lusting about going to Home Sweet Home for absolutely weeks, and it didn't disappoint. I had Eggs Royale with avocado and Phil had waffles and bacon. 
13-15. Tea and cake at Teacup
We basically had a day of eating through the Northern Quarter! A few hours after our brunch we headed to Teacup for tea and cake. Phil had pear cake and I had a passionate fruit meringue pie. I loved the look of this rainbow cake too! 
16. Entirely necessary couple selfie
17. Fruitbroo teas
More on these in a few posts' time!
18. Mo Running 'tasche
It looks like I drew it in MS Paint. It was actually liquid liner. 
19. Oscar the Otter
Okay, context. A few days after my 10K I came down with horrible flu and was off work for two days. When I went back in on Wednesday I felt horribly out of it. So out of it in fact that I ordered Phil a cuddly otter. And got it sent to his work. Without telling him. So the next day I received this photo of the Otter, who Phil has named Oscar. I now receive weekly photos of Otter in various get ups around Phil's office. My favourite so far has been festive Oscar.
20. 1000 Twitter Follows
21. Kiddie Tea 
22. Impulse eBay purchase
When I was a kid my cousins had an N64. My favourite game was Diddy Kong Racing. When I found out Phil not only had an N64 but had never played Diddy Kong racing I had to get on eBay.
23. Girly Margarita Night
A few weeks ago my friend Kayleigh came home for the weekend so three of my home friends and I had a lovely girly Friday night with homemade cocktails, Mexican food and Love Actually.
24.  Dinner before choir
Bit addicted to Bagel Factory's Haloumi Melt bagels.
25. Fish Tagine
Steph came over a few weeks ago and I made this lovely Fish Tagine from Jack's blog.
26. Melted Double Decker
Apparently melting chocolate bars in the microwave is the future.
27. Christmas Markets Couple Selfie. 
28. Pre-running selfie
I don't get taking before or after (or during!) workout photos. I look ridiculous before I run. This is proof.
29. January's Runner's World
Love getting this through my front door every month.
30. First mulled wine of the year! 
31-33. Quiet dinner with my cousin got interesting
It started with a cocktail. Then an alcoholic hot chocolate (with Baileys!), then we ran into a friend who worked at the restaurant we were in and he brought us over a free bottle of wine. Legend. 
34. First mine pie of the year
35. Soup makin;
36. Moccs 
47. Exciting times at choir practice
48. Quiet night in with Phil
49. Yet another theatre trip
Last Saturday Phil and I went to go and see Singin' in the Rain. I LOVED it. I always loved tap when I was dancing so of course, I loved the dancing, and it was just a really great performance. I would have gone again if it hadn't been the last night! 
50. Saturday brunch
Poached eggs, hollandaise, avocado and cherry tomatoes on an English muffin
51. Christmas stocking from Uniqlo
More on this soon!
52. Christmas jumper time!


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