Time for Change

Damn you poppy, you always give away how long ago my outfit photos were taken! Yep this outfit was first photographed a few weeks ago now, but I've worn it quite a lot lately. It kind of came together by accident when I'd left my red shirt hanging on the door next to this tartan skirt. It's one of my favourite work outfits because it's smart but still fun.
tartan skirt- Dorothy Perkins
red shirt- New Look
blazer- H&M
heels- Marks and Spencers
necklace- Topshop
Speaking of work, I'm actually looking for a new job! I've had a great time at Frank Design the last year and I've developed so much in my role but I'm ready for something new. I'm looking for something in a more marketing or PR role, and I'm not specifically looking at fashion, but fashion would definitely be great. If you know of anything in the Manchester area please drop me an email at charlotteelizabethcrowley@gmail.com. The last few days have been spent working on my CV and applying for jobs which has been incredibly stressful, but I'm really crossing my fingers that there is something great out there for me! It's been really sad leaving Frank, especially because my colleagues there were absolutely awesome, but I know I'm ready for a change.
I've got a job interview tomorrow so wish me luck!

Charlotte x


  1. Have you really been there a year? God, it doesn't seem five minutes since you were posting about starting and getting to grips with the job.
    Good luck with the interview, and I hope something cool comes up soon for you!

  2. Love this Charlotte. It's such a nice combination and lovely as we approach the Christmas period. Good luck with your job interview! Can you do a few underwear blogs? Would be good to get your opinion of different styles/colours and what's in fashion for next year. Look forward to it! X

  3. WE HAVE THE SAME MIDDLE NAME I know I've probably (definitely) said this before but it makes me excited ;)
    Also, your hair is looking super lovely at the moment! Such a rich colour. Best of luck again in your job search, really hope you get something. New Year, new start! xx

  4. A few underwear blogs would be great. I agree!


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