Just Give Me One Fine Day of Plain Sailing Weather

Okay, confession time. Two confessions. One, I totally stole this outfit from Lily Melrose. A photo of her wearing an outfit just like this popped up on my Instagram feed a few weeks ago and I knew I had to recreate it. However at that point the only elements of the outfits I owned were ballet flats and an aviator jacket. So I bought the trousers and stole this jumper from my Mum, and could finally steal recreate the outfit. Which leads to confession number two. While I haven't been working over the last couple of weeks I've started to slip into the uniform of the unemployed- sweatpants, hoodie and no makeup. It feels redundant to do my hair and makeup when I'm only leaving the house to run, and I like to tell myself my skin thanks me for it. But today I wanted to dress up. I went hunting for a cable knit jumper last night online couldn't find a single one in the style I wanted, but then my Mum mentioned she had one and I jumped on it. Initially I wasn't sure about the sequins or how short it is, especially with super tight trousers, but a tshirt underneath helps inevitable riding up! My only regret is not putting a necklace on- I think that would really have completed the outfit. Next time!
jumper- H&M (stolen from Mum)
tartan trousers- Topshop
aviator jacket- River Island
ballet flats- New Look
So, it's nearly Christmas. How did that happen? I've spent the last few weeks going to and from job interviews and preparing for job interviews and worrying about job interviews (everything is going well though so far!). I think I'm nearly as tired as when I was working! Plus I am so busy over the next few days. Tonight we have our family friends over for dinner, tomorrow I'm running errands and trying to fit a 7 mile run in before meeting Jenny and Eve for dinner at the pub. Monday I'm going out for dinner with Phil and some of his friends and Tuesday is Christmas Eve! On Christmas Eve we always go out for lunch and then we have family round for drinks and nibbles in the evening. Phil is coming round on Christmas Eve evening too. I cannot wait to give him his presents! Then on Boxing Day I'm going round to his parents' house. I haven't met his family yet and I'm a bit nervous! Hope they like me!
A few of you mentioned that you liked the photos that I took in my room earlier in the week, so I thought I'd give it another go. I feel the background is a bit busy but the big windows let so much natural light in which I really like. It was midday today when I took these so it was too bright to be outside. They're not perfect but with some adaptations this might be my new indoor photo-taking spot!

Charlotte x


  1. Good luck with the job search! That's so stressful =/ On the bright side, you look cute as all get out! I love the printed trousers and sequin-y sweater :)

  2. I love that your post title is one of my fav songs!

  3. Those pants are so cute! Love them!


  4. Those plaid trouser are wonderful. I feel like I need a pair like those. I really love them with that cute little sweater. I actually think the length of the sweater is great.


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