Braving Bodycon

If you'e been reading my blog for a while, there are a few things you might know about me: I am a chronic nail biter, I eat ketchup with everything (seriously, everything) and I really, really don't do bodycon. The idea of something clinging to every last lump and bump is not something that appeals to me in the slightest. When I want to impress I go for the five year old's response: tutus and sequins. But you know what they say about your fears- you're supposed to embrace them, and while I'm not about to handle a huge tarantula or watch someone throw up repeatedly, I think I'm ready to give bodycon another go. 
sequin dress- c/o Lavish Alice
fur jacket- Quiz
necklace- Topshop
ankle boots- c/o Clothing at Tesco
I'd be lying if I said the decision to try bodycon again wasn't influenced by "ZOMG SPAKRLEZZZZZZ". Yeah, I love sequins. I ummed and ahhed over this dress for ages, but then I decided it was just too beautiful to resist and perfect for the party season. Plus being black it's a little more classy than my usual sequinned items, so I wore this last weekend when Phil and I went to see Singin' In the Rain at the Opera House. It's not that often I get an opportunity to go to the Opera House! I love this little fur jacket and believe it makes any outfit look extra sophisticated. It's one of those jackets that I always find myself reaching for as soon as it gets colder.
So am I a bodycon convert? Potentially. I have plans to wear this dress again for Phil's company's Christmas party on Friday, but I definitely won't be wearing it for events where eating a lot of food is involved (aka, all the best events). I admit, I still felt a little (okay, more than a little!) self-conscious in something so clingy and tight, but I'm determined to push through the fear!

Are you a bodycon fan?

Charlotte x


  1. I think you look great!! I've always been too scared/shy to wear anything bodycon, either!

  2. You look phenomenal!
    Such a gorgeous dress :)

  3. Ah yes. The fear of body-cons. I definitely have that going on too, until I found a perfect LBD that was black body-con. What is it with those dresses? They are only ok when they are black! That dress looks fantastic on you. Congrats on finding one that works!! :)

  4. Oh it looks so stunning on you. Your figure is amazing! I have a few body con style dresses but can only wear them with my Bridget Jones pants. Not even lying. There's an image for you. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

  5. You look great! I quite like body con, but it has to be the right fit to be flattering rather than fault highlighting!

  6. You have an awesome, in-shape body. You can definitely wear bodycon dresses! This sparkly one looks so pretty on you. Seriously! I really like the mix of texture with the sequins and fur in this outfit.


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