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When the lovely people at Clothing at Tesco got in touch a few weeks ago asking me if I would like a Christmas Party dress, I knew I wanted to go for something a little different. This year I feel like I am fully prepared for parties that prefer sequins, sparkle and tutus (my favourite kind of parties!), but I needed something classy. Something timeless. Something to take you from a day at the office straight to a dinner party or night on the town. This was the dress I chose. I love the classic shape and fit, and the fact that it comes with a necklace attached, saving the bother of accessorising. The first few times I wore this dress it was my job interview dress. Smart and sophisticated, but not as boring as a white shirt and trousers. But last weekend I had it earmarked for a dinner party with our family friends on Saturday night. They were due to arrive at 7.30pm, and at 6pm, my Mum and I were just about getting around to thinking about doing our makeup and touching up our hair. The dessert was chilling in the fridge, but nothing else had been prepared. As my Mum started on her makeup she laughed "Wouldn't it be funny if they turned up now?" No word of a lie, the doorbell went a couple of minutes later! We'd missed their messages letting us know they'd be early! So getting dressed up into this little black dress took a back seat! Instead we skipped the starter, munching on crisps instead, and didn't bother getting changed. I was wearing this outfit during the day, but changed into sweatpants before we had the main course! It's great to dress up, but it's great not to too! Now I'm saving this dress for Christmas Eve.
dress- c/o Clothing at Tesco
black heels- New Look c/o Most Wanted
Well I think this might end up being my last post before the big day! I'm really feeling the Christmas spirit now. After our dinner party on Saturday we went to my Nana's for breakfast on Sunday morning and then came home and watched It's a Wonderful Life before I went to the pub with Jenny and Eve. We had a lovely night catching up and starting doing the pub quiz, but after it took an hour to get through one round we gave up and went home! Our quiz team name was "Quizmas Eve and her Elves" so at least we had a great team name! Today I had a long run and I've been running errands with my Dad, and then tonight I'm going out with some of Phil's friends. Tomorrow we have our traditional Christmas Eve lunch in the village and then we have family and friends over for the evening and then Wednesday is Christmas! 
Have a lovely Christmas everybody!

Charlotte x


  1. That dress is lovely! It's nice to have a couple of really classy, timeless looks in your closet!

  2. Merry Christmas! That dress is classy as all get out. Definitely take it for a spin before the holidays are over :)

  3. This dress is gorgeous and classic! I can definitely see it being a great piece for a job interview, but it can also be dressed up for a holiday party. You look beautiful in it!

  4. This is gorgeous! You look so chic and sophisticated.

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  6. the dress is definitely classy, you look stunning!

  7. This dress is lovely and really suits you.


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