Tartan Trews

So, I like tartan. Yes I do. I've been doing a little challenge I called "No Shopping November", the clue is in the title, and these babies were the first thing I bought last week when December rolled around. I know, I don't need anymore tartan, and I think trousers were the only thing I had left to own in tartan print. These are from Topshop and I love their printed cigarette trousers (I have them in swan print, floral and polka dot). Pear-shaped ladies- we can wear printed trousers! Seriously! I almost sent these back and then I was prompted to keep them when I was told to basically go and rock them! This outfit is a huge copy of one from last year. Just with tartan trousers. Oh and also, these do run quite small so if you're in-between sizes (like I am!) then definitely go for a size up. edit: I just got changed and added a blue chambray shirt with this outfit instead of the red. Now I wish I'd photographed that instead. Damn. Can you try to imagine that please?
tartan trousers- Topshop
red shirt- New Look
black shoes -H&M
necklace- Topshop
leather - H&M
I'm off into Manchester this afternoon for a Teaching English as a Foreign Language course. It couldn't have come at a better time with me leaving my job and I'm really excited. I have an intensive weekend course to complete and then I think 100 hours online and then I'm qualified to teach English abroad, which is kind of cool! It's not something I'm thinking of doing any time soon, but it's good to have it as a backup. Job hunting is tough. I've had a few people get back to me now and I'm applying for more and more jobs every day so I'm hoping something comes up soon. Thank you for all your supportive comments on my last post! As I said leaving my job wasn't exactly the easiest decision ever but I'm ready for a few adventure.
One last point, favourite MAC products ladies (and gents!)? My Auntie wants to buy me some more makeup from them for Christmas and I need some advice. I already use their Studio Fix Foundation (which I adore!), powder, Creme Blush (in Brit Wit), and liquid liner. I'm looking at a Russian Red lipstick and the Prep+Prime Lip but what else would you recommend? I keep hearing good things about their mascaras but their Haute and Naughty irritates my eyes!
Have a great weekend!

Charlotte x


  1. I keep trying on patterned trousers and have so far found none that fit me even nearly right! Maybe Topshop's will. The tartan looks very Christmassy with the red shirt but I'm imagining it looking super with the chambray.

    How did you find the TEFL course? Advertised or internet search? Every now and then I consider doing one but it is just a passing fancy at the minute.

  2. These pants look absolutely awesome on you. I'm the complete opposite of pear shaped, but I definitely think pear shaped girls can wear these as long as they fit correctly. Yours look awesome with the leather jacket and red top. This is such a cool look!


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