Thank God It's Christmas

Ah sorry for that little break. I definitely needed a few days away from blogging to recharge my batteries and really enjoy Christmas. I hope yours was lovely. Everything gets a bit manic with blogging at the end of the year- outfit roundups, the year in review, December in photos, goals for the New Year etc.- so my response was to just step away and well, avoid it for a few days! So here is my, very belated, Christmas post. Starting with what I wore on Christmas Eve.
I have a habit of buying something, falling in love with it, and then wearing it all the time. Hello, tartan trousers. Fact fans, these are the only item of clothing I have bought since October, and I've worn them 5 times. I thought this outfit would be smart but still fun for the Crowley Family Christmas Eve get-together we have at our house every year. I wanted to wear heels but I couldn't find my insoles and last time I wore my black heels they ripped my feet to shreds. Plus I was at home and also, comfort.
tartan trousers- Topshop
blouse- Primark
ballet flats- H&M
blazer- Zara
So as I mentioned, we have some traditions on Christmas Eve. We always go out for lunch the three of us, and we always go to the same place. After lunch we head back home and get ready for family coming. Christmas Eve is always really casual but I always really enjoy it. About half of my family come round (which is still a lot- my Dad is one of eight children so just my immediate family is nearly 30 people), and we just have a bit of a buffet and a chat. And this year Phil came which was really lovely. I'm easing him in to meeting my entire huge family! Phil and I also exchanged presents on Christmas Eve because we weren't seeing each other until Boxing Day.
Christmas Eve lunch/I was in charge of buffet snacks/presents for Phil

I was more excited about giving Phil his presents than anything else this Christmas! I bought him this awesome Breaking Bad print and its frame, a Salmon cookbook (we always eat salmon!), some Liverpol FC socks and underwear, a Heisenberg tshirt and Cards Against Humanity. Also above, my Christmas Eve lunch of sizzling prawns and the snack selection I prepared for Christmas Eve!
Presents from Phil/Allllll my presents/Betsey Johnson Watch

I did well this year! Phil got me a Garmin Forerunner 10 (might have asked for it...), two DVDs (Now You See Me and The Prestige. I like magic!) and a stocking of sweets and chocolate, including a pot of Los Pollos Hermanos "batter". I also got a new watch, hairdrier, Naked 3, No Meat Athlete Book, a Tangle Teezer, Cath Kidston mug, camera lens travel mug, pajamas and a Soft Kitty tshirt. 
Hairdryer/Christmas face/Sparkly shoes

For the first time in years, I didn't have an outfit planned for Christmas Day and I actually ended up wearing exactly what I wore last year (red Jones and Jones dress, furry jacket and sparkly shoes). Sparkly shoes are always a winner. 

Christmas Day was a little different this year. We usually get up, open presents, go to church and then go to my Auntie's for breakfast, but mass wasn't til 10am and it was a bit late (it's usually at 9am) and most of my family ended up going to Christmas Eve mass, so we didn't go to church this year. Instead we got up, opened presents, got ready super-slowly and then went for breakfast. Family Christmas breakfast is a long-standing Crowley tradition. It used to always be at my Nana's until she got too old to do it, and we've been going to my Auntie Bre's for it now for about 5 years. I don't know how she cooks breakfast for 20 odd people every year!  Plus for Chistmas my cousins got all their old home videos put on DVD for my Auntie and Uncle so we all sat around watching those on Christmas morning. They were nearly all of me being a proper idiot. 

Christmas breakfast/Soft Kitty mug/Owl pajamas before dinner

Christmas breakfast was a bit ambitious this year. I didn't manage to eat all of it! Hashbrowns are always a winner though. My Mum bought my Dad this Soft Kitty mug for Christmas... he donated it to me. With big breakfasts had at nearly midday, we didn't have Christmas dinner until 6.30. By that time I was well and truly in my new owl pajamas, especially as it was just the four of us for Christmas dinner. 
Christmas Baileys/Party hats/Christmas dinner

What is Christmas without Baileys? (Okay, it's Aldi's Ballycastle...). I've recently discovered how great this stuff is in hot chocolate! And then Christmas dinner of course! As I don't eat meat Christmas dinner can be tricky. Some years I just had vegetables, but this year I had a gorgeous nut roast. And then of course, all the veg and trimmings. This year we had roasted sprouts and parsnips, carrots, stuffing, roast potatoes and cranberry sauce. And all smothered in gravy! 
Post-dinner cheese and crackers/MAC treats/Present from Phil's parents

One of the things I was most excited about this year? Cheese and crackers. We almost never have such delights in the house so I was so excited to crack them out after dinner. Oh and here are some more of my presents. My Auntie got me some lovely treats from MAC- Russian Red lipstick, Prep+Prime Lip, Brick lip liner and Extreme Dimension mascara. And finally, one last present from Phil's parents. I definitely didn't expect anything when I went round on Boxing Day and was surprised when Phil said there was one more present under the tree, and for me! They got me this lovely set of fizzy cocktails! Can't wait to drink them!

Well that's Christmas over! I'll be back later in the week with my 2013 roundup!

Charlotte x


  1. That breakfast looks amazing! :P All the best for 2014 Miss xx

  2. Wow, it looks like you had a really fab Christmas! I love your owl jammies! Hope 2014 is fab! xxx

  3. I love your plaid trousers so wear them all you want! You make me want to find a pair! I think it'd be hard to resist buying them if I found a pair like yours in the store.
    But anyway, your Christmas Eve sounds weirdly similar to mine. My mom is 1 of 8 kids so we get together with most people from that side of the family for a casual buffet-like dinner and gift exchange.
    I hope you have a great New Year!


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