Yellow Rebel

I like the idea of winter. I like the idea of cosy jumpers and warm coats and hats and scarves and hot drinks in gloved hands. I like the idea of the early darkness and the sparkling lights on my way home from work. The Christmas markets and mulled wine.
But in reality, winter sucks.
And this is coming from a girl who spent a winter in Minnesota where minus 30 Celsius was a regular occurrence. Believe me, I can handle the cold. I just don't like it.
Some of my best outfits on my blog have been during the winter. In fact I'd probably say almost all of them. Through the sweaty summer and rainy spring I've been waiting with baited breath to wear new creative winter combinations. Dresses over shirts under jumpers. Mustard and maroon and red and navy.
Instead, I've basically just worn jeans and a rotation of a couple of jumpers.
This year my one piece of winter clothing advice is: buy some jumpers you really like. Wear them every day. Rotate them enough so that nobody notices.
I know I should be excited. But when you wake up at 5am, drag yourself out of bed for a workout, drag yourself into the shower and slowly get yourself dressed in the cold, comfort seems to reign supreme. As does convenience. And the most convenient thing to grab is whatever I wore the day before.
I am the worst fashion blogger ever.
But the idea of just wearing jumpers and jeans did justify this jumper. That and the fact that I think there was a sign that I should buy it. 
I was on the train home from work last week and I saw a girl wearing the brightest jumper I had ever seen. It had a gorgeous jewelled neckline and she was wearing it with a tartan scarf. I swooned over it for a while and then forgot about it. Until the next day when I was in Primark buying boring things like tights, bobbles and hair grips. I was on my way out and THERE IT WAS. The yellow jumper of my dreams. It was clearly meant to be. 
It's also blindingly yellow in real life and it's perfect. (And I wish I'd remembered to photograph it with my tartan scarf).
Two other things are new. First, my lipstick. I only found out about Back to MAC a few months ago and mourned the loss of at least half a dozen bottles of foundation that I threw away not knowing I could exchange their empty shells for a new lipstick. But over the past few weeks I've been collecting all my MAC empties to exchange them. I finally had six last week and I'd had my eye on Rebel lipstick for months. My boss, Karen, has it, and I was starting to ask her every day what lipstick she had on. It's one of those colours that looks completely different on everyone. I've seen it look very dark or very purple, but on me it's like a slightly magenta pink. I can't stop wearing it.
The other thing is my amazing Scrabble earrings! I love nerdy kitschy pieces like this, especially if it's Scrabble related (I already have a Scrabble tile necklace and a Scrabble mug). They're part of a collection of three things Punky Pins sent over to me last week. I remember asking for a plastic "Carrie" imitation necklace from Punky Pins when I was 19 and I absolutely loved it. I actually got some compliments from my optician on these earrings on Saturday, who said "they're so unique. I've never seen anything like them" (he's a guy too). I have a few other items to show you soon (see above) - I'm wearing the lightning bolt necklace today.
jumper- Primark
jeans- Topshop
boots- New Look
earrings- c/o Punky Pins
I'm gonna have a look through my autumn/winter Pinterest board for some cold-weather inspiration, but I can't promise this will be my last jeans-and-jumper outfit. At least I have garish taste in jumpers!

Have a great evening.

Charlotte x


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