Everyone loves my Dad. No, seriously, everyone loves my Dad. As the oldest boy in a family of eight he's (nearly everyone's) big brother. My uni friends do impressions of him because they think he's hilarious. I've never hear of anyone who doesn't like him, and if I did I'd know it was their issue.
If you had a look through my call log my Dad is probably the last person I called. He's the person I call the most. Even when we lived together he was always the first person I called at the end of the day. We call each other "mate" and we answer the phone with "yo." 
Dad is the person I call when I need ressurance, when I need advice. He's almost embarrassingly proud of me, always telling me how well I'm doing when I feel like I'm going nowhere. We might not agree on everything, but he's the one I go to to "put the world to rights."
My Dad is where I get my love of gummy sweets. Even now, at 25, if we have to pop to the shop for milk or bread or a drink, there's always a pound going for a bag of Haribo, which we've usually eaten before we get home.
He's also responsible for my love of country music. For my love of Jackson Browne and James Taylor. There are dozens of songs that remind me of my Dad, and barely a week goes by without him playing me a song on his iPad that he wants me to hear. We have so many songs that I already have our Father-daughter dance picked out for my wedding, and some songs that remind me of my Dad I can't even listen to because they make me cry so much.
My Dad taught me to drive. Forcing me to go out for an hour every night when I was 18 in the little red Corsa he bought me. Which I then crashed and wrote off. Ironically on Father's Day.
My Dad is the funniest person I know. Whenever one of us hears a joke or a funny story, we'll call with other one with "here's one for you." He loves funny Youtube videos and old Irish jokes. 
My Dad is where I get my penny-pinching from, and my love of fish fingers and baked beans. He's the reason I tell people "I'm a total Daddy's girl." I'm 25 but I'm still his little girl and I always will be. He's my superhero. And my blog's biggest fan.
When I asked my Dad what he wanted for Father's Day he said "Save your money. I just to see you." Now while that is a relief in one respect (my Dad is impossible to buy for because he basically hates spending money), I knew I had to get him something.
So we came up with a compromise.  I'd received an email from Mainline Menswear about a Pint of Thanks for Dad and thought this would be perfect. They asked me to choose Dad's favourite brand (I called him to ask) and his size and they would send him a selection of goodies for Father's Day.
Dad chose Lyle and Scott, and here's what came in his pint glass:
L-r: Pint glass, Lyle and Scott tshirt, Smints, Shaving cream and post-shaving balm, Lyle and Scott keyring, Lyle and Scott socks (all c/o Mainline Menswear)
And as you can see, Dad was pretty happy with his presents!
He even wore his tshirt for the rest of the day!
And of course, he got what he wanted for Father's Day too. I went home both Saturday and Sunday, and he drove me back to the flat on Saturday night so we could put the world to rights. Over a bag of Haribo, of course.
I love you, Dad!


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