Florals and Boucle

It was only when I went to edit these photos that I realised they are really wonky. Sorry about that!
Anyway, how was your weekend? Ours was busy, as always. On Friday we went to the wedding of one of Phil's colleagues. I wore this:
Honest truth, I really, really wanted to buy something new. I love buying beautiful dresses for things like weddings. Those kinds of dresses that are £60, £70, £80 that you know you'll only wear once but that you just have to have. I had at least five in my ASOS "saved for later" basket, but I knew I didn't need them. As much as I tried to justify it, I really didn't need a new dress.
Case in point, I bought this dress about two years ago. I don't think I wore it the whole of last year. It's so beautiful, but I never have a reason to wear it. Because as soon as a wedding comes up I convince myself I need something new, and I really really don't. 
Anyway, this is what I wore. I struggled to find a jacket, which always seems to happen to me at weddings. Even though we were only going to the evening, a black leather jacket seemed too casual, a blazer seemed too "workwear", and after trying on two other jackets (mint boucle jacket, lemon yellow leather jacket), I decided to give my little pink boucle jacket a go. It was perfect! I paired it with my comfiest nude heels (M&S is the place for comfy heels, ladies!) and this nude bag I got for my birthday and I was very glad I didn't buy anything new.
The wedding was great fun, even though I didn't know many people. I raided the sweet buffet and danced until my feet hurt (I said comfy, I didn't say magic). On Saturday one of my best friends, Ellen, came up to visit and I took her to lunch at new-to-me veggie hangout, Earth Cafe, bought boring grown-up stuff (seriously, my shopping list was a new kettle and lightbulbs - how things have changed!) and had a coffee in Ziferblat. It was so lovely to see her and show her the flat because we don't see each other often, but it's always reassuring to see my uni friends and find everything is exactly the same between us, even if it's been months since we saw each other last.
But it was a quick turn around straight to my friend Kris' 30th, so by Sunday I was well and truly ready for a relax. I laid in til after 9am (that's late for me!), went for a 7 mile run and after running some errands (food shopping, washing, cleaning), we settled down with two bags of Maoam and crossed two films off my list (Jurassic Park 3 and Fargo). For dinner I made my first meal of my promise to cook from my recipe books and made Anna Jones' Spinach Dhal with roasted sweet potatoes from A Modern Way to Eat and we watched The Office. It was exactly what I needed, and I need to spend more Sundays like that!
dress - Oasis
jacket - River Island
necklace - Topshop
bag - H&M
heels - M&S
As you can probably imagine from how busy I am.... all the time, I am well and truly ready for a break. Phil and I are off to the Lake District for a few days on Thursday and I cannot wait. I'm just ready to get away and not have to deal with grown up stuff. At the moment I'm suffering from what I call "grown-up fatigue", which means I just want to have a break from responsibilities! And I know it's hugely first world problems when I'm complaining about putting the washing away and needing to clean the oven and that I'm tired of washing up and I know that. But it's been a long time since I had to look after myself and there's just a lot to do! I've not planned anything to do for us while we're away (well, I have found the nearest parkrun but a leopard can't change her spots and all), and all I want to do it go for some nice walks, have some nice food and play board games.
I hope you've had a lovely weekend!

Charlotte x


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