Life Lately

Life has been good lately. Since the marathon I've had an almost overwhelming amount of free time. It's amazing how much time you have when you're not spending a dozen hours a week running, or preparing to run, or recovering from running. I've actually had time to relax. Or at least try to. I have a difficult relationship with free time, and find relaxing makes me feel very guilty. So I've done my kind of relaxing. Baking. Making plans. Reading. Organising. And even watching some TV.

I've been able to have weekends away without worrying about missing runs. I've been able to make plans midweek and have plans for Sundays instead of spending them in a daze. I've been able to work away without worrying about missing my run because of a 7am train.

That's not to say I'm glad that marathon is over. I've well and truly got the bug. I've applied for a London Marathon place for 2017 and if I don't get one I'm considering the new Birmingham marathon next year. I'm already signed up for another half marathon later this year, and plan at least a couple more next year. I missing training more than I could ever have expected, but I am enjoying having time to enjoy other pursuits.

Slipping into the new routine that a new job brings has been surprisingly easy. I thought I would resent my near-hour commute after being able to walk to work for the last year, but I enjoy my alone time to read on my bus journey. I'm still in the early stages of figuring out my job, but for the first time I feel like I actually know stuff and I actually have expertise and knowledge that other people don't. It's terrifying and exciting and strange and I'm excited to have projects to really get my teeth into soon.

I've been travelling a lot lately. Some trips for business. Some for pleasure. We had two days away in Liverpool last Bank Holiday weekend where we stayed with Phil's grandparents in the Wirral. We spent hours chatting with them, went for dinner with friends, went to the Beatles Museum in the torrential rain and two hours later went on a bus tour and ate ice cream in the sun. It was wonderful. This weekend I'm planning for us to do a "tourist" day in Manchester - a walking tour, a museum, lunch somewhere new. I love this city more than I could ever explain and I'm excited to do some of the things I've been meaning to do for years.

I've also been away for work a lot. Newcastle twice, Yorkshire, London and three days away in Canterbury. I'm in Statford next month. I've never travelled for work before! It's exciting to be away for a few days and see a new place. I went for a run both days I was in Canterbury, (and got spectacularly lost) but it definitely meant I saw a bit more of the city than I would have seen just sat in meetings.

I've still been running. Last week I got a parkrun PB (25:36) and this weekend I ran my third Great Manchester Run. As you might know, I went to see my friend run GMR three years ago and decided the next day to sign up. And that was how I started my amazing running journey. It's always had a special place in my heart. I've been struggling to recovery fully from injuries I picked up before and during the marathon, but I've finally felt fit again, and was over the moon to finish the race in 54:47 - a 4.5 minute PB and my first 10K in under 55 minutes. It was only a year ago I ran my first 10K in under an hour at last year's GMR. I was absolutely thrilled.
My Mum the Great Manchester Run too! I'm very proud of her running her first 10K.

On Tuesday Phil and I started Insanity Max 30. We don't have enough room in our flat so we have to tag team. I do it first and then when I'm done I go get Phil for his workout. The plan is Insanity Max 30 three days midweek then running at the weekend. I'm excited! I've missed Shaun T.

We've been to the theatre (An Inspector Calls at the Lowry), to the football (England v Turkey at the Ethiad on Sunday), to the grilled cheese sandwich place in the Northern Quarter I've wanted to go to for ages. 

Life lately has been good.


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