What I wear for work

I mentioned a few weeks ago that my new job means I'm back in workwear. Jeans are reserved for the weekends, and I'm back in white shirts and blazers and ballet flats.
I really thought it would bother me - I can admit that over the last, well, maybe even the last year of my old job, my outfits were usually whatever I could grab at 7.55am before leaving the house, which meant I wore jeans at least 80% of the time. I was worried about how much I would need to spend to restock a working wardrobe, and whether I could get away with wearing ballet flats with pencil skirts due to my short legs.

I have to be a bit more organised, but as you probably know by now, I love being organised. I plan my outfits at the start of the week in my phone, which means in the morning (or the night before) I just have to put everything together. As I've found with the 30 for 30 challenges I've done, having limited options makes it so much less overwhelming and I've finding I'm being way more creative with the items I have.

That's not to say I've been in any way limited. I wore workwear for over a year at my first job out of uni, and have dozens of outfit photos through this blog from that time. I also have a huge collection of blazers, shirts, pencil skirts and trousers from those days that have been left forlorn for the last couple of years.

So in fact, I've actually loved wearing workwear again. I've been trying to snap photos of my outfits as much as possible before leaving the house and I've been really enjoying the challenge. Here's what I've been wearing:

jumper - Zara, trousers - Marks and Spencer, flats - Dorothy Perkins

jacket - Next, shirt - Miss Selfridge, trousers - New Look

shirt - Warehouse, skirt - Warehouse

jumper - Zara, trousers - Marks and Spencer

dress - Clothing at Tesco, shirt - Miss Selfridge

shirt - Boohoo, trousers - Marks and Spencer, shoes - New Look

shirt - Glamorous, trousers - Topshop, blazer - Zara

dress - Next, blazer - Zara

shirt - Glamorous, blazer - Zara, trousers - New Look

shirt - Warehouse, trousers - ASOS, shoes - New Look

shirt - Boohoo, blazer - New Look, trousers - New Look, flats - New Look

shirt - Very, skirt - Warehouse, coat - Zara

jumper - Topshop, trousers - Marks and Spencer

I'm sure I'll do another one of these posts in a few weeks with more work outfits - unless I just cycle back through this selection again!

Here's hoping I continue to enjoy wearing workwear!

Charlotte x


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