By the ocean

Saving for a house sucks.
I'm excited, don't get me wrong (I'm also really, really sad at the idea of moving out of our little flat and out of the city centre, but that's a story for another day), but I do find myself questioning whether we go out for dinner or whether I'll really regret not saving £30 for a cabinet or something (I don't know, maybe I'll start caring about cabinets).

I'm pretty tight anyway. Okay I'm really tight. I call it "careful with money", and I just tell everyone I get it from my Dad. But I'm extra tight now. Which means I get even more anxious and guilty and stressed out than usual when it comes to treating myself.

I remember seeing this dress for the first time. It was on the Oasis Instagram and I screengrabbed it instantly and sent it to my Mum. The £50 price tag was not missed. I buy nearly all my clothes from Oasis now, but by "all my clothes" I mean "I buy myself something maybe once every three months and it has to be something I'll wear at least once a fortnight and go with everything else I own." I've definitely leaned towards quality over quantity in the last few years, but a sundress was definitely not on my list of things I really needed.

But it kept popping up. I saw it a few days later in the flesh and rushed over to touch it. It was even nicer in real life. It had jumped in and out of my Oasis online basket so many times I'd lost count. I knew it would be perfect for my holiday, but I also knew I had a box of sundresses under my bed that only came out once a year and that it rains in England all through the summer.

I'd given up hope of owning the beautiful dress when I got an email. I was like Charlie Bucket finding a golden ticket. Ocean credit cards were giving bloggers £50 to help bloggers treat themselves without worrying about their finances. I had to read the email twice! I couldn't believe the perfect timing! The dress was in my basket before I'd put the phone down.

And, once I finally got the right fit after a long boring story about swapping dresses around (being in between sizes is the worst. Do you buy two sizes? Do you size up and risk it being too big or size down and risk hating your life if it doesn't fit? I always go for the former and nearly always end up sending things back), it was a thing of beauty. It is absolutely stunning. And the fit is perfect! So much so, Phil said "it's as if it was made for you." It was the perfect dress to take to Spain (I wore it once with converse, as seen here, and again with sandals and a denim jacket for the evening, which unfortunately I didn't get any photos of), and for a dress with boats on, I knew exactly where to take the photos...
dress - Oasis c/o Ocean credit cards 
(IT'S STILL AVAILABLE! BUY IT! BUY IT NOW! But if you're in between sizes, size down)
converse - Size?
sunglasses - H&M
necklace - Onecklace
Let's just not talk about my sunburn okay? :(
It's really strange to look at these photos and think these were only taken last week. People keep asking me how my holiday was and I have to stop and think because it seems so long ago! We got back on Monday and went straight to Phil's parents to say hi to his cousin who was over from Australia for a brief 48 hours and about to head back home, I worked away in Newcastle Tuesday and Wednesday, and was out Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings! Today I'm trying to relax, but as always, I know I'm going to be restless later. I always look forward to "a nice quiet Sunday, promise?" where I can catch up on washing and blogging and try to relax, and inevitably end up going crazy by 3pm worrying that I'm "wasting time" and feeling restless. We did head out this morning for a 5 mile run followed by a 3 mile Pokehunt, but I caught two Eevees and my favourite ever Pokemon, Meowth, so it was totally worth it!

I hope you're having a lovely weekend!

Charlotte x


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