Happy 60th Mum!

People who think I love my birthday haven't met my Mum. Nobody loves their birthday like my Mum.
We started planning for her 60th in December. A whole 6 months early.
By the time this post goes live, her birthday will be here. By the time this post goes live she'll know what my gift to her was, that I've been planning for about as long as she's been planning her party.
My Mum is hands down my best friend.
I tell her everything.
Even things you really, really, really shouldn't tell your Mum.
She's my go-to.
For advice, for support, for "should I buy these shoes?", for help. For a chat, for a gossip, for a shopping trip, for a boozy lunch.
She will do absolutely anything for me, and today is her day. I hope she knows how appreciated she is.
Nobody can drive my crazy like my Mum. 
We are way too similar, and we know exactly how to wind each other up.
But we're a team.
I'm so close to both my parents that people often say, "how did your parents cope when you lived abroad twice?!"
Yeah, we still don't know how we coped with that. I text her about 300 times a day.
My Mum is brilliant. 
She's glamorous and beautiful and stylish and fun and passionate and excitable and everyone loves to be around her.
Happy Birthday Mum. I love you more than anything. I hope you have the best birthday!
If you want to read more about how great my Mum is, here's a post about her I wrote last year for Mother's Day.


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