Life lately - July

Remember when posts like this were the in thing in about 2010? Yeah well I'm bringing them back. Because sometimes I just want to talk about the book I'm reading or my weekend without making an entire post about this-one-bit-in-my-book-I-just-wanted-to-talk-about. (And be grateful, my original list had about 15 different things on it!)

Right now I'm...

I've just finished The Art of Fielding which I really enjoyed, after being quite disappointed by the two books I read on holiday. Next on my list is Stephen King's Gerald's Game. I asked for book recommendations before I went away so now I have 30+ books in my "holiday books" Amazon list, which should keep me quiet for a while!

I'm partying like it's 2013 over here. This weekend I finished season 2 of Girls (watching most of it over a bottle of prosecco with my best friend, Eve) and Phil and I are almost up to date with Game of Thrones after finishing season 5 last weekend. I'm also rewatching my all-time favourite, Parks and Recreation with Phil which is like a nice warm hug. We've also just started Stranger Things which I've heard great things about.

Working on...
As I mentioned in my 25 facts post, I had some really great recommendations for books to read after I posted about my anxiety, so I bought them right away (thanks for letting me share your Amazon Prime, Mum!) and I spent most of last Saturday working through Cure your Emetophobia and Thrive. I'm pretty cynical when it comes to self help, but what I've read so far makes a lot of sense, so it's just whether I can put it into practice.

Family time! My twin aunties were 60 last Sunday so we had a big family meal, and as I also mentioned in my 25 facts post, a big family meal in my family is big. We filled an entire function room. It was so lovely to catch up with my cousins - I definitely feel like my relationship has changed with them now we're all older and it's lovely - and met the newest member of our family, my cousin Chris' newborn baby, Evan! 

Excited for...
Even though Phil and I aren't planning to move out of our flat before our contact expires in February, we are looking at houses online and we're going to our first viewing today! I'm nervous and excited and 100% not ready, but I'm sure I'll feel differently when we find the one!

My job! I don't talk much about my job on here, but it's been 3 months now and it's going really well! Every day is different, every day is challenging, every day has at least one thing that I'm excited about. 

Good friends. As often the case in your twenties, I don't have as many friends as I used to, but I definitely feel like I have quality over quantity. There are few things in life better than a girly night in, good food and a great catch up. I'm so lucky that my best friend Eve lives round the corner and I see her at least once a week. My friend, Ellen, who is a teacher, came up for dinner on Wednesday too and it was so lovely to see her, and I went out with my friend Riven and her colleagues last night. I get a bit sad sometimes about not seeing all my friends as much as I would like with us being spread across the country, but I really appreciate them and our friendships and I know they're always there for me, and nothing ever changes when we see each other. I'm very lucky to have such great people in my life!

Interesting reads...
When did the media turn against Taylor Swift?
No matter what side you're on in the whole Taylor/Kim/Kanye debate, this is well worth a read

Young, drunk and female - the surest path to victim blaming
I read The Pool every day. This post is horribly, depressingly real but something we need to talk about more.

Jack Monroe: I want to be treated as a person, not a woman or a man
I'm a massive fan of Jack Monroe, and I loved this Observer feature. 

3 Things I'd tell my past self
I can relate so hard to "relax and have more fun".

Let's see if I can maintain this as a regular feature, eh?

Charlotte x


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