My favourite MAC lipsticks

Thanks to some Studio Fix empties and some indecisiveness, I became the proud owner of two new MAC lipsticks a few weeks ago. 
And then I bought another today.
MAC has been my preferred choice for lipstick for a few years now. The colours are great and more importantly, they are long-lasting. I absolutely love wearing lipstick but I can't stand having to constantly reapply it, and despite trying other brands, I find MAC lipsticks the longest-lasting and I love their vibrancy and formula.

Despite having 18 now, I have a few that are my go-tos. I tend to prefer a bright lip, with red being my favourite, but I've recently been moving into more of the nudes and mid-pinks - that my-lips-but-better look that's become popular lately.

I've done a favourite lipstick post before, but for that I applied the lipsticks one at a time, took the photo, wiped it off and then moved onto the next one, so it wasn't really a true reflection of the colour on a naked lip after I'd tried on a few. So for this I went through my Instagram and found authentic photos of me wearing each colour! Admittedly, there is a bit of Instagram filtering going on in most of these photos, but I think they're a fairly accurate reflection of each of the colours.

In nearly every case here I'm wearing a couple of coats of each colour with a similar lipliner and Lipcote (which I'll be writing about soon because I love Lipcote).

Oh and I'm a super pale NC15.

So here are, in no particular order, my favourite MAC lipsticks:

Ruby Woo 
I said "in no particular order", but this really is my favourite lipstick of all time. Many people find this quite drying but I've been wearing it for so long I'm pretty used to it. I have four MAC red lipsticks (Ruby Woo, Russian Red, MAC Red and Relentlessly) but this is the only one I wear regularly because it's just the perfect red lip. 

Funny story with Faux - I bought this lipstick 4 years ago in New York but never really wore it. Then a few months ago when this Kylie-Jenner-style brown lip came in I kept seeing it and realised the name sounded familiar. So after some hunting I found it and realised it's gorgeous! I love this as an every day My Lips But Better.

Please me
Please Me is a lovely dusty pink and on me comes out a bit darker than it seems to look on other people. I like this when I want a bit more than just a nude lip but don't want anything dramatic.

Rebel is one of those lipsticks that seems to look different on everyone! It's a darkish pinky/purple but it seems to look quite pink on me. I love bringing this out as soon as the weather gets cooler.

 Velvet Teddy
I have to admit, I asked for Velvet Teddy for Christmas without having tried it on because there had been so much hype around it. It is supposed to be the Kylie Jenner lip. It's quite different from my usual look so it's takes some getting used to. I'm still not 100% sure if I can pull this off!

This was a Back to MAC freebie last winter (don't know what I'm talking about? MAC will give you a free lipstick if you bring 6 of your empty bottles/packages into one of their counters!) because I fancied a dark berry lip. I absolutely love this colour! I didn't think it would suit me but it's perfect for winter.

Girl about Town 
This is my go-to bright pink lip. It's gorgeous. I wear this with NYX liner in Bloom. 

 Kinda Sexy
I'd been dithering over this for ages and finally caved when I found some vouchers I'd forgotten about. It's a gorgeous peachy nude - a lovely every day colour. It's very similar to NYX's Stockholm which I love but I find lasts about 20 minutes on my lips.

Pink Pigeon 
Quite similar to Girl about Town but slightly brighter with a matte finish. I've only worn this once so far, but I can see myself wearing this a lot to brighten up a simple outfit during the day or as an alternative to Girl about Town in the evening.

D for Danger 
This was recommended to me by a couple of people when I asked for suggestions on what to have as my next Back to MAC freebie. It's quite similar to both Diva and Rebel, but less red than Diva and darker and more pink than Rebel. I can see myself wearing this a lot in the winter.

I'm hoping I'm going to take a break from buying new lipsticks now - but I'm sure I'll be adding a few to my Christmas list in the not-too-distant future!

Charlotte x


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