An Investment

I estimate that the majority of the items in my wardrobe cost around £30. Maybe even less. Truth is, I'm a cheapskate and I'm all about quantity over quality. Yeah I know you're not supposed to say that but it's true. I'd rather have ten £20 dresses than one £200 dress, or a cheaper shirt in three different colours than one more expensive one. I love Primark, H&M and anywhere else where I know I can get a new dress with change for £40. I probably have about ten items in my wardrobe that cost me over £50; a couple of Zara blazers, some of my coats and my Jones and Jones dresses, but usually if I look at the price tag of something and it's over £40, it's not going to happen. Which is where this blouse comes in.
shirt- Monsoon
skirt- Boohoo
blazer- H&M
heels- Marks and Spencers
necklace- Forever 21
It all started a few weeks ago. I'd popped into Accessorize at Piccadilly and the girl in the shop was wearing this shirt. As I paid for my earring I asked her where it was from, and it was of course from Monsoon. So off I popped over to Monsoon where I found the shirt. And it's £48 price tag. No chance. So a few weeks went by and I thought about it from time to time, but it wasn't until my friend Eve came round for our tea party a few weeks ago wearing a similar blue floral shirt that I really considered it. It ticked a lot of boxes- blue (good colour for the new season), light enough for spring (I'm starting to avoid wintery pieces now), perfect for with jeans at the weekend, and most importantly, could be wprn for work. I started to plan a variety of outfits; with a light blue skirt for spring, over blue or black jeans, with leather shorts and a blazer, with maroon trousers, with coral jeans, with trousers and a blazer for work... I knew it would be something I would wear over and over again. So I caved. I've already worn it three times so expect to be seeing this shirt a lot. I'm considering it an investment.
What are your investment pieces?

Charlotte xxx


  1. That's a lovely blouse, I'm sure you'll get great use out of it! I don't think I have many investment pieces, apart from my coat that was about 70euros (thanks mum :D), a leather jacket that was 65 euros and a blazer from Zara that was 60euros... I so agree with you, I'd rather have 20 cheap dresses than 1 expensive one! I like to wear different stuff and I like trying out new trends and as a student you just can't afford to buy quality stuff all the time. And my logic is: if you have a lot of clothes, you don't wear each piece that often so they won't get worn out that quickly :D also, as a fashion blogger, you feel that certain need to buy new clothes because you can't wear the same stuff all the time!

    Also, British high street fashion is really great compared to what we have in Belgium - H&M, Forever21, New Look & Zara (although they are getting SO expensive) are about the only options here. I love online shopping but the shipping rates are often high (a £25 dress with £10 shipping isn't that cheap anymore..) I just have to move to the UK :D xxx

  2. Amazing outfit! I love the shirt!

    Emma x

  3. Great investment piece and it looks lovely on you :) I need to make an investment on a decent pair of jeans - suitable for work and play! Current investment would be my Macbook...! Rosie xx

  4. Love that blouse! and the colour of your skirt is lush!

  5. I'm right there with you on the quantity over quality thing! I feel much better buying a couple things for $20 or under rather than one $50 piece. I'll invest in staple pieces like a perfect fitted blazer and whatnot when I actually have a salary! I think you'll definitely get plenty of use out of this blouse. The colors are really pretty and floral print never goes out of style. And button down tops are always in style too! So win win!

  6. Since I'm working fulltime (three years now), I've been spending a lot of money on clothes and shoes. My guilty pleasures are Karen Millen (mostly dresses, but I have two coats as well, which are fab), Bernie Dexter dresses and shoes (Jeffrey Campbell, Carvela, Vivienne Westwood, and even a pair of Casadei killer heels). But I remember well that the first time I spent about £150 on an Opening Ceremony dress (which was already half off!), I needed hours to make that decision on spending so much money. You'll get used to it, I promise. :)

  7. Shoes. Shoes. Shoes...oh and bags. Those are my two big money areas. I do tend to go to thrift stores to pick up higher end clothes at what I consider normal prices. Slowly though I'm finding I'm willing to pay $ for a few items of clothing that I just never see (or not in good shape) in thrifts).

    Still I haven't reached the point where $50 tshirt is acceptable...that's just crazy talk

  8. it looks absolutely lovely. And having a "real" job totally makes you want to go for quality pieces. Not just because you can now afford it, but also because it feels so very grown up :)

  9. nice shots and outfit , my fav is the last one...and yes , unfortunatelly I also lot of money on clothes and shoes.But if we really want , we can say that could be an investment...:)

  10. aaa not to forget , my investment piece are my coat (great for job ans free time) and two pair of shoes fab in my opinion..


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