Speccy Four Eyes

I started needed glasses when I was ten. I used to sit at the back of the classroom (badass, right?) and kept finding the swiggly writing on the board more and more difficult to read. I used to go up to the front of the class with my workbook to copy notes from the board at the end of a lesson. I didn't want to admit that I needed glasses. In fact, I struggled through until high school before I realised I really did need glasses. I know a lot of people who say, oh I always wanted to wear glasses as a kid. I was not one of those people. I hated the idea of wearing glasses. For four years I would carry them around in a little glasses case and just get them out when I needed them; in class, waiting for the bus, watching tv. I ended up having this little glasses case in my hard a lot of the time. I would never, ever wear them all the time. My option had told me I couldn't have contact lenses until I was 16, but I knew lots of people at school who had them. I was persistent. So at 15, I finally, finally got contacts. And I never looked back. I hated the way I looked with glasses, and they were reserved only for the end of the day and early morning before I had my contacts in. For a long time the only people who saw me in glasses were people who had stayed over at my house or lived with me. Even when I went to the expense of hours in the opticians picking the right pair, I still refused to wear them. It actually wasn't until about 2 years ago that I found a pair that I felt comfortable wearing. I also think part of it is to do with the fact that glasses have become "cool" in recent years (thanks, hipsters). Now I wear my glasses a couple of times a week, but I'm still fussy. I only wear them when my hair is a certain way and with certain makeup, but I've definitely come to enjoy wearing glasses more. One thing that I do love is the fact that you can have multiple pairs for different outfits and occasions. Until I was approached by Firmoo for a new pair of glasses I'd only ever bought them from the opticians. I'd never taken advantage of buying glasses online. I was always too scared of them not being right. These babies, however, are awesome. I rung my opticians for a copy of my prescription, chose my glasses and they were here within 2 days! I chose this pair because of the tortoise shell/leopardy style. My love for leopard print is no secret! It's nice to have a change from my usual glasses.
trousersNew Look
necklaceForever 21
heelsMarks and Spencers
glasses- c/o Firmoo
I apologise for the lack of updates this week. I had a chilled out Monday because I'd finished my photography course, Tuesday I went for a meal with my friend Eve as an early birthday treat (I had a voucher for a free meal!), Wednesday I worked late because I had so much to do, and last night I went out for a meal (another freebie!) after work with my work friends and then we went for a drink. I have so much to sort out today though-thank god it's a bank holiday! I have my last session of 6 Week 6 Pack to do today (review soon!), an article for Duluth Superior Magazine to write, packing for Amsterdam tomorrow and then we're going out for a nice lunch (with cake!) as an early birthday treat. I can't believe it's finally my birthday slash Amsterdam day tomorrow! I'm so excited! Neither myself nor Ellen have been to Amsterdam before so we can't wait to go explore. I'm going to have a lot of blogging to catch up with when I get back; 6 week 6 pack review, birthday post, Amsterdam post and a load of other posts I need to fit in! I'm hoping going away will give me some time to get away and relax though so I can come back feeling refreshed. I've definitely felt the opposite of refreshed lately!
Please send any more Amsterdam recommendations my way and I'll see you when I get back (and when I'm 23, whee!)

Charlotte x


  1. The glasses look great on you though! I do know what you mean though, sometimes you just don't feel right wearing something.
    Anyways you look fit.

  2. These glasses look super cute on you. I really love how cool this work outfit is. The leopard print cardigan and skinny pants are amazing together.

  3. Just gone through your blog and find it very interesting. Looking for your future updates on these mesmerizing glasses.

  4. Great pictures you have there. excellent glasses. i actually go mine from http://www.fashioneyewear.co.uk/


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