Floral Shirt Mark Two

Remember how I said you were going to get sick of seeing this shirt? Yep, here it is again. This was actually the first time I wore it and I definitely have loads of other ideas for it. Got to keep getting the cost per wear down, right? I can't wait to wear it in the Spring. Speaking of which, SPRING WHERE ARE YOU? I am getting so sick of wearing my coat all the time and I know it wasn't this cold last year (I have photos of last year's outfits as proof!). I've already starting buying pretty floral dresses and pastel pieces for the new season- I just wish I could wear them!
floral shirt- Monsoon
grey leather jacket- c/o New Look
jeans- Topshop
flats- H&M
necklace- Forever 21
Life is super busy at the moment so I have to be honest and say I don't have an awful lot to say! I'm trying to grab as much time to focus on myself as possible. Lots of Jillian Michaels, lots of reading (I finally finished War and Peace!) and lots of time with friends. I can't believe it's my birthday in less than two weeks! And I go to Amsterdam on my birthday for 4 days. I can't wait!
Have a lovely evening!

Charlotte x


  1. Looking great as always, love that biker on you! Rosie xxx

  2. The shirt is amazing - lovely print!

    Emma x


  3. I am not getting sick of seeing this shirt! I wish I could run and buy it right now!

  4. I really like this shirt paired with the jeans! Your leather jacket is the perfect finishing touch for this outfit, so I guess it's good it was cold enough to wear the jacket! It's been unseasonably cold here too though, so I understand!


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