Embracing the Cold

I'm sorry but how good is my bun in these photos? I never get it that neat! Unfortunately after literally 30 seconds outside later in the day the wind absolutely destroyed it!
About a month ago I decided it was Spring. I decided to give up on buying anything for the winter season and focus my attentions on floral dresses and pastels. Items it clearly isn't warm enough to be wearing yet. It came to a head with the idea of a mint leather jacket. I decided I needed one. But in a chilly March with snow still on the ground mint leather jackets are few and far between. The only one I managed to find was a size large and when it arrived it was way, way too big. It looked silly. But I really really wanted it. But I've been here before. Every year I find myself getting prematurely excited about the new season and buying a load of things in my excitement which I then find cheaper or nicer elsewhere a few months later. I know there will be other mint leather jackets, ones that fit me better and make me feel good (god this is becoming a metaphor for my life!) but I just haven't found it yet. But there will be one in the future. I just have to wait. (Who knew you could compare your love life to a mint leather jacket? It's a skill).
jeans- Topshop
tartan shirt- Motel via ebay
jumper-  New Look
necklace- c/o Adorning Ava
boots- New Look
Anyway, to make me feel better (marginally!) about the weather, I decided to embrace the last few weeks (hopefully!) of winter. Remember this post? Yeah well I reread that and decided to embrace winter. Okay, that's a little strong, but I decided to try to enjoy wearing my favourite wintery pieces for the next few weeks. Because the truth is I do miss winter wear when it gets warmer. I miss tights and knits and tartan and leather and furry jackets. So for the next few weeks I'm going to try try to enjoy wearing my wintery pieces for another few weeks and restrain myself from getting too excited about summery pieces! 
Let's hope this horrible weather is over soon! I think I'm going to be packing thermals for Amsterdam next weekend!

Charlotte x


  1. Looking great as always :) I wish I could have your persistence with winter, but I just want to remember what sunshine looks like! Although the South West seems to have avoided any more snow this week, one plus! I still havent mastered the sock bun, I'll keep trying to get it as good as yours!! XX


  2. Totally agree with this, I always count down to summer but then miss winter after about a week of wearing denim shorts! I You've inspired me to get some more life out of my winter wardrobe instead of feeling fed up every time I open my wardrobe!

    R x


  3. You always wear plaid so well! The layering here is so cute and your skull necklace is awesome too. I really love cool weather clothes so much more than summery clothes, so I always miss my layering during the summer. I understand!


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