Why I love Winter Fashion

As most of you now, this time last year I was living in beautiful, but freezing cold Duluth, Minnesota (and if you didn't know that, Hi, I'm Charlotte, I used to live in America and I never stop talking about it). We had our first snowfall in October, and our last in May. For 6 months, I lived in a winter wonderland. There was snow on the ground all the time, often in 12ft high banks. I fell over 3 times and definitely almost caught hypothermia a few times. Winter just seemed to last forever.
I never thought I would find myself missing such a long, drawn-out winter (Ashley, one of my blogging BFFs lives in Duluth and she is definitely sick of the cold). But I am a winter-a-holic. Okay, maybe that's not quite true- I'm an autumn-winter-a-holic. I absolutely love winter fashion. I also hate the heat, which was why I spent chose to spend my year abroad in Minnesota over Alabama.
Winter has been incredibly, incredibly mild in the UK this year (and I'm feeling it ever more this year. While I used to think 10 degrees celcius was cold, I now see that as a gorgeous warm day, by Minnesota standards) and I'm already starting to panic that Spring is soon coming. Last year, I didn't really get a Spring, with Minnesota jumping from snow to baking heat in just a few weeks. I like Spring, but I don't love Summer. I spend Summer wishing it was Fall.
I know I'm a bit of a freak. But I also know I'm not the only one. Look at Tieka- like me, she loves fall/winter fashion and always matches her outfits to her surroundings. But in case you think I'm bonkers, hear me out. Here are my 11 reasons why I'd rather be in a coat than a bikini...

mmm how cosy does that scarf look?!

1. Cosiness
There is something I just love about a snuggly jumper. As much as I love looking stylish- which often comes at the expense of comfort- I love being comfortable. All year round, as soon as I get home I take off my jacket and snuggle up in a hoodie or my dressing gown. In winter, that cosiness is all the time. Can you ever say Summer style is cosy? It's a word just synonymous with hot chocolate and staying inside. And they are two things that I like a lot!

2. Layers
The number one reason why I can't get excited about summer fashion is it's lack of layers. For me, layering is an art form. It's a way to be creative, to make an outfit interesting. I'm not a big accessories girl, so I rely on my layers to really enjoy fashion. There are few things I love more than an outfit made up of contrasting colours, textures and prints. Lovely.

3. Coats and jackets
Over a year ago now, I wrote about my favourite coats and jackets. You'll be glad to know that my coat and jacket collection has expanded greatly since then (at the expense of my bank balance and at the sheer confusion of my dad). I absolutely love a gorgeous coat, and winter makes it all the more acceptable to buy more.

4. Boots
Sometimes it does get a bit frustrating having to wear boots all the time, but hey, when you've got 70+ pairs of shoes, it does help to cut down your options a bit...

5. Paleness
I'm pale. Very pale. I am an English girl who hates the sun. Paleness comes with the territory. I hate fake tan and only use it when completely necessary. Now in winter, you would never know that I am almost transparent as the only parts of me you ever seen are my hands and face. Add a pair of gloves and some foundation and I could well have a Californian tan under all those layers. I don't, but hey, you'd never know that.

6. Tights
Oh tights. So many pairs, so little time. Also allows me to remain pale and avoid shaving my legs for a few weeks days.

7. No threat of the "beach body"
I don't know what the opposite of a beach body is, but I think I have one. In the winter however, I am so layered up that I look like the Michelin man. Even if I had a beach body you'd never know. I am fortunate there are few invites to the beach in January in Birmingham.

8. Hats
Over-due root touch-up? Hat. Bad DIY dye job? Hat. Snow? Hat. Got up 5 minutes before class? Hat. Answer to all life's problems (so long as they involve hair).

9. Accessories
Oh the accessories! Hats (see above), gloves and especially scarves are an absolute lifesaver in an outfit emergency. A really great scarf can take even the most simple outfit to the next level. See my Top Tips for Uninspired Days for more help on accessorizing.

10. Winter Textures
My absolute favourite textures are really only winter appropriate- leather, flannel, velvet, knit, faux fur, tweed, sequins, shearling...

11. Nothing is flattering
In the summer, you become acutely aware of the size of everyone's thighs, how toned their arms are, how flat their stomach is. In winter, everyone kinda looks a bit bulky, a bit chunky and outfits are generally pretty unflattering. This is the beauty of winter. You can curl up and eat chocolate all day and no-one will ever notice your weight-gain under that big, cosy cape or chunky sweater. As winter fashion is all to do with layers, everyone is going to look a lot bigger than normal, but in winter, it just really doesn't matter, so throw on an extra jumper or a second pair of tights! Plus those extra few pounds are so insulating!

What's your favourite season? Think I'm mad for loving winter fashion? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Haha, this is a perfect post! Winter is also my favorite season so I totally agree with everything you wrote.
    I love getting to layer clothes in when it's cold - like you said, it's an art form!

  2. you make an interesting and valid case Charlotte :) I actually agree with everything you said, yet I thought I hated winter! Maybe it's because I love layering (you do it so well!) but I'm not so good at it. I don't know!!
    Amy xx

  3. you make an interesting and valid case Charlotte :) I actually agree with everything you said, yet I thought I hated winter! Maybe it's because I love layering (you do it so well!) but I'm not so good at it. I don't know!!
    Amy xx

  4. Great post Charlotte! Although I still love summer more, haha :) 
    I just love throwing on a dress and be done =D (I'm lazy) I hate layering, I think it looks awesome on other people (like you) but I suck at it! I hate tights, they make me slip out of my shoes and I never find boots I like :( Thank God we're having an extremely mild winter this year. xx

  5. I love this post!  I'm in a Minnesota gal (Minneapolis area) and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else because I hate heat!  And it is so much easier to dress for winter - I love sweaters and as you said, things that are cozy!

  6. Sorry Charlotte, I was the guest post before, I meant what a pick of outfit choices but my Autocorrect got the better of me. Love your style. I love love love summer fashion so much but I love your post on Winter Fashon! You're such an inspiration to me.

  7. I love winter too, because Oregon winters are usually mild and rainy. However, it's been snowing for four days straight here and as no one in Oregon knows how to drive in the snow, it's a bit of a bummer!! :] 

  8. I don't so much love winter, I love winter dressing though!! I hate -30 degrees, I don't think anyone could ever get used to that, but I don't mind snow and milder winters. Layers, big thick scarves, tights and being all bundled make me really happy!

  9. hi twin! haha, you speak my mind here 100%!! Im stuck in filthy summer right now and all i can dream of is autumn!! as soon as its a little brisk i pull out my tights and boots. i just feel like i dont know how to dress in summer, it can get so hot over here its like any fashion goes out the window. blah!! i want layers back haha!

  10. I will say that living here in the States, the cold can be really unbareable at times. In NJ, we've gotten has much as 2 feet of snow all in one shot... and believe me, to shovel it and deal with the mess after... I dread it. Summer in the states is amazing - it means going to the beach, walking around New York City and of course, summer clothes!


  11. I totally agree! We haven't had a proper winter here in Tennessee- I had a short sleeve blouse on today :(

  12. I completely agree with you! I prefer cool weather to summer. I spend pretty much all of summer wishing fall would get here. And it doesn't until the end of October because I live in the south. Summers last sooo horribly long. I love the hats and tights and jackets of winter!

  13. Haha, I have to admit, winter is my favorite as well! I'm a heavier set girl, so while I love soaking up the sun and being tan, summer can be torture. However, I agree with every single thing you listed. Winter is awesome!


  14. I like looking at snow, but I don't like driving/walking in it. I wish it could be fall and spring year round because I'm with you on summer being the worst. 

  15. Amen honey!
    I am an autumn / winter girl through and through too.
    We're in the middle of summer now but the autumn clothes are about to start appearing in shops & I cannot wait!!

    P.s I've been following you for about 6 months but haven't really commented before so hi :)

  16. LOL! I completely agree. I definitely like weather in which I can cover up my arms with a cardigan and not look like a fool for doing so. I agree with all of your points, but winter is still a bit too cold for me - fall is the ideal - imo, since you can leave your coat unbuttoned to show all those pretty layers. :D

  17. i am definitely a fan of tights, layers, boots, chunky knits...... bring it on! also, eating chocolate all day long....

    it's funny, being from america, i hear many of my friends pining for their years spent abroad in milan, rome, berlin, paris, london..... i forget the reverse is also true! i am an east coast baby, and granted, have not spent much time in the mid-west, but, you should make it here to new york if you love the states! chicago is great too, and both are perfect for winter lovers.

    ps- LOVE the polka dot dress!

  18. haha great post! These are the reasons I love winter as well :) I definitely think Fall has the best fashions. 

  19. Its basically all about trendy accessories and that is what women bother the most which is a good thing because fashion should be the one that is in trends.

    Its basically all about trendy accessories and that is what women bother the most which is a good thing because fashion should be the one that is in trends.


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