Top Tips for Uninspired Days

Last night, I got some of my favourite pieces out of my wardrobe and arranged them around the room, draping different jackets on dresses and moving things around, trying different combinations. And you know what I wore today? Sweatpants. And a hoodie. And furry slipper boots.
Some days, you just don't feel inspired, and if you think it doesn't hit style bloggers then you are wrong! In fact, I think it hits us worse than anyone else. Since started my blog, and especially since I've started to photograph my outfits regularly, I have striven to always try to come up with something new and interesting, to avoid re-wearing outfits and always try something different. But like anything, pushing too hard to try to be original usual concludes with outfit burnout. Despite having lots of wonderful new things for Christmas, I am drawing a blank. I looked outside at the horrible weather today and denounced the day as a sweatpants day, partially because I had absolutely no intention of leaving the house, and partially because I just couldn't come up with anything inspirational.
Now I am not one to be beaten by creative block. I often go off and have a break and think about something else for a while, and try not to push myself. After a break I started to think of ways in which I try to inspire myself when I don't feel so inspiring. And before I knew it, I had a list of tips! So I decided I wanted to share them with you (this also served a double purpose- by coming up with a list of inspiring tips, I managed to write something to blog about without having to take outfit photos, ergo, I could spend the day in my sweats- huzzah!), so here we go...

 Actually look at your clothes
 I find one great way to really examine my wardrobe is to take a few things out at it so I can really see them. I spend a lot of time imagining outfits in my head, but I often don't really see what I have and what things look like. Sometimes in your head your forget little details that make a huge difference, or by taking some things out you are able to see things you forgot you had.

Put unexpected things together
 Once your clothes are out and in front of you, move them around, play with them, take things off one hanger and put them with something else. Move jackets onto dresses or pick up tops to try with skirts. Add scarves or jewellery or shoes. Today I put a tartan scarf with a fur jacket- something I would never have tried, but I thought it might be cute and I loved the effect. So many of my outfits have been a result of putting a jacket on the same hanger as a dress I would never have thought of putting it with!

Build from a previous outfit
Take what you love about a previous outfit and expand upon it. Change the shirt for a similar colour or style, change the jewellery, add some accessories, change the colour of your tights. This is a great way to experiment with remixing your wardrobe. How different can you make an outfit look with just a few changes?

Create an imaginary challenge
Back over the summer, I took Kendi's 30 for 30 challenge, which really encouraged me to stretch my wardrobe. 30 for 30 is a bit commitment and it takes time to think about your outfits, but as a challenge, pick a selection of items for an imaginary 30 for 30 (or 15 for 15, 10 for 10- whatever!) and see what you can come up with! You may only get five outfits, but it's new inspiration!

Build around one item
This is something I try to do a lot, but it can be a challenge! Instead of seeing your wardrobe as lots of items of clothing, just pick one item and base your outfit around it. You could create one perfect outfit with the item, or see how many outfits you can come up with. Don't forget to write down or photograph any extra outfits (more on that in point eight!).

Check your inspiration folder or Pinterest
Before Pinterest (follow me here) I kept (and still do keep) a folder of outfits that inspire me. I read a lot of blogs so it's a great way to make sure I can flick back over someone's outfit weeks or months in the future. Pinterest is a great way of doing this now- I find so much inspiration on there, and you can search by item if there's something in particular stumping you! Other blogs, Lookbook and Chictopia are other great places to go for inspiration!

Check outfit lists
Now this might seem pretty nerdy, but I know I'm not the only one who does it! When I'm feeling especially inspired, I write down outfit combinations for future notice. I used to do this on random bits of paper, but now I have one outfit notebook so all my ideas are together. When I buy something new, I write down lots of ideas for the new item so on a busy morning I can just grab my notebook and I have something to wear! I've also started posted possible outfits on Instagram, which is another great way to capture potential future outfits. It also allows my followers to give their verdict too!

Try things on
This might sound pretty simple, but it's a great tip. Try something on, and build on that. It's amazing how different something can look once you already have it on. Add some layers, add some jewellery. Keep building until you have your outfit. 

Change your hair and makeup
For me, adding my glasses instead of contacts, or having my hair in a beehive, or curly, or adding a red or pink lip, makes a huge difference to what I want to wear. Sometimes I will do my makeup and hair first to give me something to build on. Sometimes I find my biggest problem is simply that I have too many clothes (don't say anything, Dad!) and too much inspiration, so I find changing my hair and makeup helps me to limit my choices.

If all else fails, revert to the classics
Everyone has their own classic style (saying that, mine has changed a lot lately and I'm a little thrown off!), and a variation on this is the easiest way to feel inspired again. Put something on you feel good in, even if it is an outfit repeat. Go through your previous outfits and find something you love, and you're sure to feel more inspired!

What do you do to help you feel more inspired? I'd love to know your tips!


  1. I really love this and will be bookmarking it for my humdrum fashion days.

  2. I love this list! I plan on doing many of these things as soon as I get home from work...oh, right...I'm at did I get here? :P


  3. Love this!! Great advice on a subject that everyone experiences, but rarely talks about--being uninspired! You've got a great line-up of suggestions to combat it!

  4. I love the way you write...huzzah! I might have to steal that, it's too good. I love all these tips and I definitely relate, sometimes my comfiest sweat shirt is my "go-to item" lol.


  5. What a great post, some lovely tips and I'm feeling very inspired now to get rifling through my wardrobe.
    Thanks for these xx

  6. I have approximately ONE MILLION pieces of scrap with outfits scribbled on them. ALL OVER DA PLACE! I mean, its so dorky when I reach into my purse and about 20 fall out and whoever helps me pick them up looks at me like I'm insane.
    Whenever I'm tempted to wear sweatpants, I opt for all black and a chambray top because oy vey the outfit planning funks we bloggers can fall into are just SO draining...I need to have that backup uniform!

    I LOVE THIS POST by the way. In fact, I'm tweeting it.

  7. Amazing post! This has really inspired me. Can't wait to play with new combinations at the weekend!

  8. These are such fantastic tips and something that I have been trying to do more of in my own life - wonderful post, and I'm bookmarking right now!! xo V

  9. Brilliant post! I really like 6 (I keep a notebook with magazine cutouts pasted in it, it's very full!) and number 2 because it's something I recently discovered myself.
    The other day, in one of my moments being surrounded with clothes on my bed/floor, I saw some things that just layed together on accident and was excited by the combination! I'm thinking I may need to make my room a mess more often. haha
    Or just try new things! :P

  10. nice tips.. I love it. :) Irene Wibowo<a

  11. definitely going to come back to this on an uninspired day hun!! seems quite helpful

  12. Fabulous ideas. Bookmarked so I come back to it on uninspired days :) Thanks for the tips!

  13. Fantastic advice! I do try to keep an inspiration folder, but all these other tips are definitely worth trying out. :)

  14. Thanks for the ideas! I get so bummed halfway through winter when I feel like I run out of cute outfits for the (still) chilly weather. Hopefully some of these will help! =)

  15. great post indeed! I actually haven't had a very serious problem with getting dressed since I always find some ideas from my head :P and sometimes it's completely okay to wear just jeans and a top. I think getting dressed perfectly shouldn't be a hard task or something you HAVE TO do :)
    btw, you have a lovely blog! :)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  16. ooh I love all these tips! I have an inspiration board right next to my closet, so I use editorials to help me when I feel like I have NOTHING to wear!

    love from San Francisco,

  17. I had to laugh at number 7... I am exactly the same! I just ordered a cute notebook the other day for future outfit and blog post ideas. It is indeed a bit nerdy, but so so helpful :)

  18. great post, very useful tips! I've been feeling quite uninspired lately, but maybe I just need to shop, haha :) xx

  19. just found your blog, and i love it!
    you are such a cutie. happy to be a new follower!

  20. Oh goodness, this is my lifesaver! I am currently in this situation, I feel like all my pieces are beginning to look the same. Thank you so much for posting this, it helped me so much. And wearing sweats isn't a bad thng every once in a while:) I love your pictures by your closet by the way!

    xoxo, Emily

  21. Love this idea of the 15 for 15 - definitely going to try it, I HAVE to do something about the state of my wardrobe. Lovely blog, just found you - you have a new follower :)

  22. thanks for this little boost, girl. i think so many times i feel like i need to go shopping for new clothes. but really, it's all about the mixing and matching, and coming up with new ways to wear things. perfection!
    xo TJ

  23. As a fellow blogger, I totally get this! Sometimes you need a fashion kick-start so thank you!

  24. wow..lovely post! Totally inspiring and well written! Great blog:-)
    Check out my blog whenever you get a chance! Any feedback will be appreciated!

  25. Such great inspiration here. I need to work on putting different pieces together... started that more in 2011 and it's definitely a goal in 2012. Great to be on the links a la mode list with you this week.

  26. Love this!! Great advice on a subject that everyone experiences,
    but rarely talks about--being uninspired! You've got a great line-up of
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  27. I love the way you write...huzzah! I might have to steal that, it's too
    good. I love all these tips and I definitely relate, sometimes my
    comfiest sweat shirt is my "go-to item" lol.

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