Shopping Ban: Week One

So, I announced my shopping ban last week so I thought I'd do a little update on a Friday (like Sian has done today!). The ban is going pretty well, regarding clothes shopping at least!
I went into town last Sunday and was looking for a new bag for uni (the one thing I am allowed to buy, according to my rules!) and was averting my eyes when I walked through to the accessories! I call that a success! All I bought was a new nail varnish from Boots which was £2 with a £5 off voucher and a new Seche Vite with my Boots points. As I stated though, non-clothes items are allowed!
The window shopping has failed a little bit though! I went on the Topshop website yesterday after asking Carrie where her adorable suit was from, and did find myself browsing ShopStyle the other day looking for Birthday presents for myself! I don't think avoiding "window shopping"- especially online!- is going to happen!
So all in all, I haven't been tempted and I haven't caved. Let's hope I'm still as strong next week!


  1. Glad you're doing well! I'm considering a shopping ban for February...I really just want to take the time to assess what I already own instead of buying and wearing something new! 
    Lindsey Soup

  2. Window shopping is so difficult to avoid!! I look at peoples' blogs and see they got something off somewhere recently then end up looking for it =/ Also, the link you've put doesn't go to me haha =D xxx


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