Even Cowgirls Get the Blues

I was just getting ready to edit these photos on Friday, when I realised there was something wrong with my laptop. Yep, it was whirring and heating up and getting ready, but the screen was blank. I grabbed my phone to google "laptop turned on screen black" and tried a variety of different options before giving up hope. It was time. My little Toshiba laptop was a desperate purchase on my year abroad after knocking a drink over my previous one, and as a result had a HUGE transformer attached to the charger so I could use it in the UK. It was old, dirty (too many meals eaten while simultaneously writing essays at uni) and slow. So Saturday was spent finding a new laptop and saying goodbye to a big chunk of cash, and after having it all sorted out after it's arrival on Monday, I am happily typing this post from my new giant shiny Toshiba laptop. Everything is backed up to my external drive and after half a day of installing printers and Photoshop actions and faffing around with iTunes, I feel like I'm pretty much back to normal.
dress- Jones and Jones
denim jacket- New Look
converse- c/o Size?
necklace- gift
Last week we got some good news, marred by some really bad news. The good news is that I have a new job. I started on Monday in the internal marketing department of Axonn Media and I'm excited to get started. They're based right in the middle of Manchester too so no more three hour commutes every day. The bad news is that Phil's best friend got some really awful health news last week which has really put everything in perspective. I don't want to go into details because it's not mine to tell, but it's a really difficult time for everyone involved and I'm doing my best to look after Phil and support him. When you get news like that all your little niggles and grievances just seem so ridiculous, so pointless. All the moans and the tears about losing my job and looking for a new one. It's nothing in the grand scheme of things. Life can change forever in an absolute split second and you never know when it will happen. One minute you're celebrating a new job, the next you're feeling utterly helpless because you can't do anything to help the person you love the most. Phil is incredible and is helping everyone and being an wonderful friend, as I knew he would be. So it's my job to be there for him while he's there for everyone else.

Life is short. Don't dwell on the daft little things. Enjoy the little moments. Do what makes you happy. 

Charlotte x


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