Autumn 30 for 30: Week One

Hey look, I did a whole week:
(You can remind yourself of my 30 items here)
I'm enjoying this challenge so much so far. I have all my items hanging on the back of my door to keep reminding me of what's there. It also means I never have to go into my wardrobe and be tempted my all my other clothes. So far, I'm finding it really easy and haven't had to refer to my list of outfits once, but I know it's going to get harder as they weeks go on. I've also had a couple of incidents of item-regret (navy pencil skirt? What was I thinking?!) but I'm determined to stick to my items. The only struggle at the moment is that it has been unseasonally warm and I chose quite a few jumpers, but so far I'm making it work. I'm not reinventing the wheel with any of these items but only have 30 items is pushing me out of my comfort zone.
Day One
Day Two
Day Three
Day Four
This outfit is my favourite so far this week. I'm trying to avoid using up all my lazy comfy outfits in the first few days and on Thursday all I wanted to wear was my tartan shirt but I couldn't decide what to wear it with and at the last minute I decided against jeans and instead went for this dress. I love this combination.
Day Five
Day Six
Lazy comfy outfits for Friday and Saturday. We're having our desks moved around at work so I worked from home on Friday so I had to force myself not to wear my pajamas! Fortunately this challenge helped! I've had a really good week this week. Work has been really busy, but on Thursday Phil came over for dinner and on Friday he stayed over at the last minute and we ate burgers (veggie for me- recipe coming this week, and meat for him) and watched Friday Night Lights. Yesterday was also a really comfy cosy outfit cause I stayed at home pretty much all day yesterday. At 4.30pm though my Dad sensed my cabin fever and took me out food shopping. I hadn't left the house since Thursday so I was starting to go insane! Then last night was my choir concert! My parents, Nan, Phil, Phil's sister and his parents came to see it and I was very nervous- particularly for my solo of On My Own from Les Mis. Thankfully it all went pretty well and we all went for a drink afterwards and it was absolutely lovely. I've got a busy week this week so a quiet weekend is in order. Today I should be running the Stockport 10K, which obviously I can't do with my foot injury, but I'm going to spend my Sunday as I usually do- working out (done!), cooking for the week and visiting family. On Wednesday I think Phil and I are going to the cinema, Thursday we're going to see his brother's girlfriend in a play and on Friday we're off to do a Murder Mystery night. We got a deal on Groupon and neither of us have ever been to one before. Very exciting!
Day 7
Thank you for all your lovely comments on yesterday's post and via twitter. I had great debate over whether to expose my naked stomach to the internet but in the end decided that I'm really proud of my hard work, and even though it's all a work in progress, I never showed you my Insanity results photos so it's kind of proof that it does work! I'm loving Chalean Extreme at the moment (even though I forgot to check my calendar this morning and ended up doing the wrong workout!) so I'm excited to see the changes after that.

I'll be emailing the first 10 people who commented on yesterday's post this week to sort out sending you all armbands!

Have a great Sunday!

Charlotte x


  1. I'm really excited to see all your outfits for this. Personally I love day 2 and 6 so far. I don't think I could do it myself though! Well done. xxx

  2. LOVE day 4! Very pretty outfit and really suits you. :)

  3. I love day 3, pinned to my work outfits board. I start a new job next month and my husband has offered me a whole new works wardrobe as a well done, so I will be scrolling through all your posts for inspiration :)


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