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I swear I'm not surgically attached to this jumper. Not yet, at least. We're actually here today to talk about these boots. I am a bit of a nightmare with shoes. As we've established already, I have about 100 pairs but, as you'll know if you read my blog regularly, I tend to only wear about 10 pairs. Which means I'm constantly wearing out pairs of shoes. My favourite black ankle boots died a death about a year ago, and in the interim I've had a couple of pairs of black boots that have worked but they haven't been the ones.
So when Debenhams got in touch a few weeks ago about their Share to Wear campaign I jumped at the chance to get involved. How Share to Wear works is that you buy a gift voucher for £15, and then straight away that is increased to £20. Then as you share with your friends, you can have the chance to increase it to £30. So for spending £15, you now have £30 to spend! I used my gift voucher to buy these boots. I feel they're going to be my new A/W faves, especially as they give me loads of support to my foot. Probably not your priority when buying boots but to those of us with foot injuries, it's a great perk!
jumper- c/o Hush
skirt- Oasis
boots- c/o Debenhams
As you can see, I caved and bought this skirt I was telling you about, but never fear, I'm including it as part of my next remix challenge that I mentioned yesterday. Thank you for all of you lovely comments. I am definitely going ahead with the challenge and I think Sian will be joining me. I'm ready to rediscover my wardrobe again. 
In other news, I mentioned at the weekend that not being able to exercise with my foot sprain has been driving me insane, so on Sunday I decided to try some pilates thanks to the wonderful Cassie of Blogilates. I'm working through her Beginners calendar and love that it's only about 30 minutes a day. I've been skipping anything cardio-based because of my foot and adding in another video to make up the time- today I did Day 4 and swapping the cardio for the Applause Arms video. I really miss running and cardio, but it's good to actually be doing something, and it's short enough to squeeze in before work. 
Finally, today is my blog's biggest fan's birthday- Happy Birthday Daddy Crowley! He is the best Dad in the world- taxi service, blog reader, spider remover and all round awesome guy. I like him a lot.

Hope you're having a great week.

Charlotte x


  1. These look great, I actually recently bought my own pair (because my other ones literally fell apart coming back from work!!) and I think they're so comfy. As a cheerleader I think I'd be devastated to not be able to do cardio so hope your foot gets better soon :)

  2. Lovely boots hun. My favourite boots died last winter and still haven't been replaced properly :( xx


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