Autumn 30 for 30: Week Two

Welcome to Week Two. Complete with really bad and inconsistent lighting...
(Catch up with my first week of outfits here)
Week two has been good. I've still been avoiding using my outfit list and playing it by ear a bit, but I think now I'm just about half way through I'm going to start running out of inspiration a bit. I tried to wear items this week that I hadn't worn before, but I still have loads of pieces that I haven't worn yet- pink jacket, stripey skirt, red flats, red cardigan, navy skirt and blue dress. So far I haven't been bored and I'm really enjoying the challenge. I gave up clothes shopping too for the challenge and so far I've had no cravings, however I have been avoiding reading all my shopping emails!
Day Eight
Day Nine
As with Friday, I worked from home Monday and Tuesday, so I wanted outfits that were comfy, so I went for trousers and jumpers both days. I loooove my stripey jumper and want to wear it more throughout the challenge, so I think now I've worn it with both my pairs of plain trousers I'll have to be a bit more creative so I can include it.
Day Ten
Day Eleven
I was back in the office on Wednesday and had plans every night for the rest of the week so I dressed up a little bit more. On Wednesday Phil and I had a cinema and pizza night. The pizza was good, the film was not. However Thursday night was great as we went to see Phil's brother's girlfriend (that sounds way more confusing than it is!) in a play, which was a lot of fun and something a bit different. Then on Friday Phil and I went away for the night to do a Murder Mystery night which we booked on Groupon way back in May. Neither of us had done one before and it was a lot of fun. We didn't guess the murderer though!
Day Twelve
Day Thirteen
The outfits I wore on Friday and Saturday were my favourites this week but I'm not sure if Friday's (Day 12) photographed too well. Including this jacket was a bit of a snap decision because I haven't worn it for a couple of years, but I'm glad I included in now because I think it's awesome. And it was only from Primark! It has the cutest little elbow patches too.
Day Fourteen
Today has been a typical Sunday which has been good as I was out last night for my cousin's 30th and while I don't drink much, I'm tired today. I've made butternut squash and apple soup and got Becca's Butternut Squash and Black Bean Skillet for dinner which looks amazing. I'll try to get another "What I'm cooking" post up soon so I can show you all of the lovely things I've been making.

Hope your weekend has been lovely!

Charlotte x


  1. More details please! What was the movie? What was the play? (Nosey, right?) 😉 love day 12 - the full a-line skirt silhouette always looks gorgeous on you! The jacket is SUPER -cute. Does it fit well in the arms? I have terrible trouble getting things to fit me in the arms . . 😔

  2. Haha I nearly mentioned which film it was but didn't want to cause controversy! The film was The Riot Club. It was absolutely awful. Nothing happened and I have a phobia of being sick/other people being sick and as nearly all the scenes involved excessive drinking and vomiting I spent most of the film with my coat over my head!
    The play was Boeing Boeing. Very funny- definitely check it out!

  3. Oh and the jacket is okay in the arms! Not too long and not too short and enough room for a shirt but don't think I'd get a jumper under it!

    Charlotte x

  4. I love your red jeans - they really suit your colouring, and look so autumnal!
    Beth x

  5. Ugh, The Riot Club sounds absolutely grim!! I had hyperemesis like poor old Kate Middleton with all my pregnancies, and even though my youngest is twelve I still haven't got over it! I couldn't even watch 'Knocked Up' - hubby had it on DVD and I had to leave the room, queasy and tearful . . .

  6. Hey what would you say your body shape was?



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