On Another Remix Challenge and Your Opinion

Remember about four years ago when remixing was all the rage in fashion blogging?
It was all about one-skirt-three-ways or one-dress-day-to-night or my favourite, the 30 for 30 challenge.
Back then, before fashion bloggers became the puppets of brands, old clothes worn in a new way were the new new clothes. It wasn't about excess, it was about creativity.
Now the bloggers who championed remixes are now all about new things. Everything is gifted from brands. Nobody has to worry about wearing clothes in new ways because there is always a stream of new clothes coming in. 
While I am occasionally guilty of this, I do try my best to wear my clothes in new ways as frequently as possible (you should see how many ways I've worn my houndstooth trousers!) but I usually find myself stuck in a rut at the start of a new season.
See I obviously have a ridiculous amount of autumn winter wear. Piles of jumpers, drawers full of tights, dozens of pairs of boots. But when the new season comes sweeping in, it's difficult not to get sucked in to the idea of needing more.
So I'm contemplating another remix challenge. The question is, is it still relevant?
I currently work in an office with no dress code, which is mostly a blessing. But it's also a lot of freedom, which, when you're as anal as me, gets overwhelming. At my previous jobs I had constructed a kind of "uniform" which made getting dressed for work fairly straightforward. But now I have so much choice, I struggle.
My plan is to do a 15 day remix, of 15 items. Being able to post an entire blog post every day is unrealistic, as is taking proper, DSLR photos every day, so I was considering a few iPhone snaps each day and then a round up every few days. 
I'll include shoes but I won't include jackets or coats, as its likely I'll just wear my trench coat with each outfit.
I have a list planned out of my potential items, and it's likely to be fairly simple and focus on basics, but I want something to get me out of my inspiration rut and to help me to avoid buying loads of stuff for the new season.
So the question is, are these kinds of remixes still relevant? Are they something you would want to see here?
Drop me a line in the comments or on twitter (@gnd_fashion)

PS. You can see my 30 for 30 challenge here, and my 15 for 15 workwear challenge here


  1. Yes! I miss 'old school' blogs where the blogger wore the same clothes post after post! Always good for inspiration!

  2. Its a great idea, maybe do something like making old pieces fit the new trends so you dont have to buy anything new. My wardrobe is full of classics and the only things I buy now are accessories, shoes and coats. Its actually nice to get to the point of throwing clothes away because they are worn out.

  3. As you said, we're all guilty of wanting 'more' but I believe it'll always be interesting to see how creative you can we with just a few items. After all, there are always those 'favourite' peices that you always want to wear ;)


  4. love this!



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