Home Sweet Home

So, this is where we live! It makes me laugh looking at these photos cause I only took them two weeks ago but already the place looks entirely differently. I don't think I realised until we moved in that there would always be more things to do, more things to buy, things we need to replace. Our flat is a constant work in progress, and as someone who is impatient and neurotic it's taken me a while to accept this! But right now I love our flat. We picked up a clock on Saturday, and we went to Dunelm on Sunday and picked up a rug (I can't tell you how hard it's been to find the perfect rug!) and then some bits from TK Maxx. So I actually feel like we're nearly there!
So, our flat! edit: I took these with my wide angle lens to get everything in so they're a little distorted!
Living room
I love our living room. We live in a Grade II listed building so we have amazing high ceilings and huge original windows. With the exception of the rug, I'm pretty happy with our living room now. I love our biscuit cushions and rubix cube tissue box, and Phil got that amazing globe beanbag from his parents for his birthday. We have loads of room in here which is perfect for my when I'm doing my workouts!
The previous tenants had some pictures up in their kitchen and we loved that idea, so a few weeks ago Phil put up some of his James Bond film posters and they look great in the kitchen. We also have a black clock now which ties everything in. 
The mezzanine floor of our flat is such a quirky little feature which we couldn't resist! It's technically a two bedroom, but we use upstairs much more than we would a spare room! We call it in the library cause it houses all our books, and we have a little cubby hole where we keep things like board games, my camera stuff and laptop stuff. I have a little desk on the small landing and then we have some steps up to the sofa bed which is perfect for people staying over. We also (finally!) have a lovely rug up there too now. I love working upstairs and it's perfect for when I want to do blog or freelance work and Phil wants to do something in the living room. Also, fairy lights.
I love our bedding so much! I couldn't believe how hard it was to find bedding that wasn't floral or overly girly and I wanted something we could both enjoy. I decided upon chevron pretty early, and then decided yellow accents would be perfect. I actually found these cushions a few weeks after we bought the bedding. I saw them on Primark's instagram and then spent weeks trying to find them. I knew I had to have them because they're so perfect for our bed!

So that's it! We obviously have a bathroom but we've moved quite a few things around since I took the photos and our bathroom is kind of boring. There are still loads of things we want to change and I'm sure this place will look completely different for 6 months but right now we're pretty happy! Ever since we put all our photos and prints up it's really felt like "home" and I love it so much. I even miss it when I'm away!

Hope you enjoyed my little flat tour. Loads more about our flat (and living together!) soon!

Charlotte x


  1. First- I'm obsessed. This is the coolest place I've ever seen. Its gorgeous and I love how you've decorated. Second-dumb American question...do you have a fridge?

  2. Haha funny story. So a few days before we moved in I COMPLETELY freaked out thinking we didn't have a freezer and was having a meltdown wondering what we were going to do. I ended up ringing the estate agent. Which assured me yes we do have a freezer. They're just all inbuilt! We also have a washing machine hiding behind one of those cupboards!
    And also thank you. That's so sweet!

    Charlotte xxx

  3. What a cute flat! I love the way it's set up with the little loft part upstairs. I'll be looking for another apartment with my boyfriend soon and think something like yours would be perfect. I also really like your chevron bedding! Why is it so hard to find bedding that isn't boring but isn't super girly?

    Jamie | www.petitepanoply.com

  4. There are a lot of things I want to steal here!! I looked up that bean bag as soon as I saw it on your Instagram, but unfortunately can't afford it right now with furniture we need to buy for the new house, boo! We kind of need to buy the necessary stuff first, even though it's not as fun. Loving the bedding, especially the yellow. We've got grey sofas for the new house and I'm planning to do yellow cushions on that in summer, but I'll never get to a Primark to buy these before they sell out, too far away! And also love your book print poster - I have the Harry Potter which, again, I'm just waiting for the new house to put it up.

    Sian xx Rebel Angel


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