Things that Happen when Phil Goes Away

Edited to add: I do have friends! I just decided to have a quiet weekend on my own. I'm not some co-dependent loser, promise.

On Thursday evening I kissed goodbye to Phil at the train station and dragged myself home for a weekend of being a single lady. I was looking forward to having the whole place to myself, to be able to watch whatever I wanted, and to eat meals consisting entirely of vegetables.
Turns out, I really hate it when Phil is away.
Since I've gotten older I've found myself getting more and more introverted. I would never have previously considered myself to be an introvert, but the more I read about introvism, the more I see myself in it. A preference for one-on-one conversations, small groups over parties and a genuine fear of talking to new people. Plus I've always cherished my alone time.
But now Phil and I live together, I can still be my most introverted self, just he's there too. While he's been away I'm been lonely but more than anything else I'm been bored out of my mind. Seriously, how much time must I spent talking to him?
Here's what happened over my single lady weekend...
  • 9pm bedtimes are the best
I love my sleep but I hate sleeping in, and when I lived at home, bed before 10pm was pretty standard for me. This weekend I have completely reset my body clock to going to bed at 9pm and it's been amazing. And I've also been really bored by 8.30pm every night so I've mostly gone to bed because I'm bored and too tired to do anything else.
  • But it has meant waking up before 6.30am both days this weekend
I'm not complaining. It's 8.30am and I've already made soup, put a slow cooker casserole on and written a freelance article.
  • I can get up at 6.30am on a Sunday and instantly start cooking
It soothes me, okay?
  • I've been able to eat meals that are entirely made of vegetables
Sweet potato curry with peas and courgette noodles, roasted sweet potato and broccoli with cauliflower rice... you get the idea. Usually when I cook for Phil I make sure he has some kind of carb and he hates broccoli and cauliflower. I made it my goal to eat a whole broccoli this weekend.

  • I can spend my Saturday night in my comfy pants watching Girls and drinking honey and lemon
I know I'm super-late to the party with Girls but my excuse is that I don't watch much TV on my own and I'm not sure it's something Phil would enjoy. This weekend gave me the perfect opportunity to finish Season 1. Now I just need him to go away again so I can watch Season 2...
  • I can get really freaked out in the middle of the night because I can hear an unidentified dripping noise
And then get out of bed and search every tap in the place. And then go to bed and hope it's coming from another flat.
  • I have to take two trips to Aldi over one weekend because I can't carry everything
And make two lists. The Friday need-right-now list, and then Sunday need-for-this-week list. 
  • I can see my parents as a grown up
I met my parents for dinner last night and it felt like the first time I had gone out to see them as a real adult with my own place. It was weird and nice at the same time. And it's still weird that I don't live with them anymore. Even though my bank statements still go to their address.
Dinner with my parents involved this insanely-good halloumi and potato cake burger
  • I can get a Parkrun PB, but there's nobody there to meet me at the finish line
I ran 30:12 yesterday, which is just 12 seconds away from my goal time (and a 43 second PB!). I was incredibly proud of myself, but it's not quite the same just sending a text of your time.

  • I have to do my own washing up. And vacuuming.
I do all the cooking and I clean the kitchen (just to make this clear, I love to cook and Phil says he doesn't cook because "you don't let me" which is actually pretty fair. I worry about my feminist stance because I do all the cooking, but I just prefer to cook), and Phil does the washing up, vacuuming and cleans the bathroom. I do not like washing up.
  • I buy new lipstick cause I've had a rough week
Let's face it, I would have done it anyway. And I totally just put this on the list so I could show you my new lipstick. LOOK HOW PRETTY.
  • I have nobody to look after me when I feel poorly and moan-y
I am the worst person when I am ill. Right now I have nobody to moan to that "I reallllllly don't feel wellllll."
  • I get really really bored and really really lonely and can you just come home please?
Real talk - I miss Phil during the day when I'm at work. 4pm can not come fast enough.


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