Through being cool

As anyone who knows me will tell you (or if you haven't picked it up from reading this blog!), I am not very cool. I'm neurotic, obsessive, clumsy and just generally a bit of a nerd. These headphones are way, way too cool for me. 
I've been solely wearing over-ear headphones since I was about 16 (back then they were pink and Skullcandy and I thought I was the bomb) and it's actually gotten to the point where I struggle to use in-ear headphones unless I'm running as I find the sound too concentrated. I was actually on the look out for a new pair of headphones because I listen to music nearly every day at work and my last pair of Skullcandy headphones had to go back to Amazon after one of them stopped working, so I was using a cheap Sony pair with rubbish sound quality. So when I got an email about getting a surprise pair of N-Tune Monster headphones I was buzzing! They choose the colour for me, and this insanely bright pink pair are perfect for me! The sound quality is great, and while they aren't completely noise-cancelling they do drown out some sound in the office. Plus I'd be a bit scared of completely noise-cancelling headphones! When I was thinking of an outfit to co-ordinate around them my first thought was "hmmm, I don't have anything quite this bright!", so I decided to go for a simple monochrome outfit to let the bright pink really stand out. This is a typical weekend outfit for me - jeans, a simple top, jacket and bright lipstick.
jeans - Topshop
striped top - Primark
converse - Converse
leather jacket - Boohoo
headphones - c/o N-Tune
Phil and I have got a busy weekend as usual. We've spent all day today doing stuff around the flat, and finally putting up all our pictures and photos. It's made such a difference and it really looks like home now, so hopefully I can take some photos soon and do a proper flat tour for you! Tonight we're going to see Blood Brothers with my parents and Phil's Mum, Dad and sister, and tomorrow we have our first 10K of the year! I'm kind of regretting signing up for it now as I don't feel ready at all, and I found out yesterday it's not timed which I'm pretty disappointed about because I only signed up for practice on speed for the Great Manchester Run but oh well!

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Charlotte x


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