Fitness Thursday + Life Update

Hello! Well as I expected blogging has kinda gone out the window this week. With it being my first week we're still fine-tuning my routine-at the moment I get the bus to and from work which takes forever so I'm going to start getting the train next week- so hopefully I'll start figuring out how to manage my time more in future weeks. At the moment I'm up at 6.15am and out the door by 8.15am, with just enough time to make my lunch for the day and get fifteen minutes to read the paper while I eat breakfast, and I get home from work sometime between 7 and 7.30pm. When I get in I literally have my dinner, watch TV for an hour, do the 30 Day Shred, shower and go to bed! When I get into work in the morning and my boss asks me "how was your night?" I always feel a bit silly saying "Well I watched Masterchef and went to bed" but that's all I have time to do!
I am absolutely loving my job though- it's a lot of learning and a lot of hard work, but I love what I'm doing, love the company and love the people. You can read a little bit about my first day on the Frank Design Blog here.

Fitness Update
Anyway, so fitness! I've been really proud that I've done the 30 Day Shred every day after work! I give myself an hour or so for my dinner to go down and then do it right before bed. It can be a little tough to motivated myself to work out at 9pm but it is working really well for me- I'm so exhausted afterwards that going straight to bed is perfect! I also finished Level 2 this week! Yay! As you know, I hated Level 2, but I'd heard Level 3 was much better, and I love it! I'm on my third day now and I do find it a challenge, but I feel much more stretched and pushed than gross and sweaty. I did all modified moves the first day but now I'm actually finding it possible to do nearly all the modified moves. I didn't think I'd made much progress in my endurance until today when I was doing shadow boxing with weights and I realised doing it without weights used to wear me out in level 1! I'm going to buy Ripped in 30 this week as my next challenge! I am still hoping to get some extra cardio in too. I was planning on walking home from the bus stop after work but I've only managed that once this week- it's been so rainy that getting a lift home from my dad is a much better often! Once I started getting the train though I'll be getting about 30-45 minutes walking in along with 30DS.

Foodie Finds 
Regarding food I have been bring a packed lunch into work every day which I've been really enjoying! I'm managing to get it just about right with bringing enough snacks for throughout the day. I did get my blood tests results back this week too, but it turns out they were normal, which is making me wonder what else is making me so tired. I've decided to try upping my calorie intake and seeing if it makes a difference. My goal has been 1200, which is the standard setting for MFP but I often eat around 1100 and then burn off 200-350 which means I get a deficit  Because my weight loss has completed stalled I'm worried that I might be putting my body into starvation mode without realising, so today I set my calories to 1500. The weird thing is, I'm so used to eating 1200 that I'm already finding it hard to eat an extra 400 calories or so! I do want to see if eating a bit more every day is going to make a difference to my weight loss, as I'm growing frustrated with working out every day, eating fewer calories than my goal and still not losing weight so I'm hoping this will work. It will probably help me feel less tired too!

Anyway, that's pretty much all from me this week. This is up today because I'm off to Wolverhampton to see Frank Turner for the sixth (!!) time with my best friend Steph tomorrow and I'm going straight after work and not coming back until Saturday evening. Plus I felt five days without a blog post was long enough!
Thank you to all of you who wished me luck with my job and sent me supportive tweets and messages. I really appreciate it!
Here's hoping I get some kind of regular blogging system working soon!


  1. So frustrating when you do all the effort but still don't lose weight! You'll get there :) Glad you're having a great time at your new job! x

  2. I'm extremely impressed on the exercise front - I have a busy schedule (not as busy as yours) and I always kid myself I don't have enough time to exercise. Definitely going to have to get some more late-night motivation like you do!

    I haven't come across your blog before but I really love it - you've gained a new follower in me!

  3. I'm glad the new job has started well! I found I was exhausted when I started my job. I just wasn't used to concentrating for so long anymore! You might find your energy picks up as you get used to it.

  4. Glad to hear the new job is going well hun - just read your blog on the company website, very nice :)

    Do you measure your fitness progress by anything else apart from weight loss? Because sometimes you might be gaining muscle mass so end up not losing weight but becoming more toned/slim nonetheless! xxx


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