Week in Photos

1. Quinoa burrito bowl
Yeah so you might know that I love Mexican food. Especially Chipotle. This is a Chipotle-style quinoa bowl with salsa, avocado and Weight Watchers cheese. The recipe is here!
2. Sweet potato bean burgers
I kinda ballsed these up (I didn't drain the beans properly which made the dough too wet and to even it out we had to add so much flour they tasted, well, like flour) but hey, they look good!
3. Saturday night out with the girls
(disclaimer: I am not naked in this picture). I went out with the girls when I was down South last week and I had a really, really good hair-and-makeup night. Standard curls and the Matte look from the UD Smoked Palette (absolute fave). I also just realised these photos are totally not in order. Anyway...
4-5. ZOMG NEW MAC (and fancy email signature!)
So if you follow me on Twitter you might know that I got an email last week from my boss saying he had a brand new MacBook Air for me to come collect from the office. I absolutely love it.
6. Printed Trousers overload
So I had a bit of a bender in Topshop on Wednesday. You can see my floral pants in action here.
7. Super-organised work wardrobe
I spent Thursday morning organising my "work wardrobe." I wanted a clean, organised space so I can just grab things out of my wardrobe and go in the morning. My "work wardrobe" consists of some pencil skirts, a couple of smart dresses, my ever-expanding collection of blazers and a lot of blouses. I also have my printed trousers for casual days.
8. Snack time!
I've mentioned before that I am a little-and-often eater. This was my afternoon snack of rice cakes, cauliflower and peppers with morrocan spiced houmous
9. Messy second-day curls.
When I've made the effort to curl my hair the day before and have a lazy day, I usually just leave my hair. Friday was a messy hair day.
10. Owls and checks
My new go-to outfit-casual checked shirt, owl jumper and jeans.
I had to give a blood sample on Friday at the doctors so I can be tested for an iron deficiency. I'm not the biggest fan of injections and this was hurting me all day. #wusstag
12. More snacks!
A granny smith, babybel light and some cashews.
13. Drinks with the girls
And taking my pants out for their first outing! We went to Fab Cafe in Manchester to celebrate my friend Jenny's amazing Masters results, but a few drinks turned into getting home at nearly 2am because we were just having too much fun to leave!
14. Dinner for the week
As I mentioned last week, I've started to do a big cook-fest on a Sunday so I have homecooked meals to come home to when I get back at 7pm. Today I made a big batch of my favourite chickpea and aubergine tagine for Wednesday and Thursday's dinner. My Mum is on dinner duty tomorrow!
15. A failed attempt
When I live in the States, I love Blue Diamond Salted Almonds, but for some reason you can only get them here in Sainsburys and nowhere else seems to do salted almonds! So today I tried to roast and salt my own. Turned out the oven was on way too high from making some sweet potato falafel so they burned to a crisp. Better luck next time, eh?


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