How to blog when you work full time

Wake up to your 6am alarm.
Roll over, turn alarm off, go back to sleep.
Wake up to your 6.15am alarm.
Turn on your lamp.
Spend 15 minutes checking Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader and Get Off my Internets.
Realise it's 6.30am and you really should get out of bed.
Get up. Find someone is in the bathroom.
Shower, wash hair, spend far too long doing makeup.
Get distracted by the paper. 
Drag yourself upstairs to begrudgingly dry your hair.
Note that it's 7.30am. Breakfast has not been eaten and packed lunch has not been made.
Get sucked into the paper again while breakfast is eaten.
Realise it's 7.50am and you are not dressed. Realise you have no idea what to wear.
Throw clothes out of wardrobe. Try on several different pencil skirts. Throw aside.
Wear the same pencil skirt and shirt combo as you wore two days ago.
Plan to go take photos of mediocre outfit before work. 
Realise it's 8.10am and time to leave the house.
Work all day. Spill on, crease and ladder various parts of outfit.
Fail to reapply makeup and vow to avoid the mirror after 11am.
Get home at 7pm. It's dark outside.
Kick off heels, put on sweatpants.
Realise it's yet another day when you had really good intentions to blog.
Wonder how you blog when you work full time.
Plan to blog tomorrow.


  1. I feel that! At the moment I've been trying to blog on my lunchbreak as it's literally the only time I'm not doing something else or utterly exhausted! xo

  2. Haha, don't stress about it, it takes a while to get used to working full time. Soon you'll find a way

  3. Sounds familiar, welcome to the working world!

  4. haha, I love this :)
    I literally do my outfit posts at the weekend and that's it. I'll try & do two to spread them out and blog other bits/events/reviews etc in between. Even that is hard to do though.
    I am not, and never will be, some one who can blog every day, all week! HOW?! XX

  5. Sounds soooooo familiar!

  6. omg I'm not even working full time (only two days a week but working on various uni papers and essays in the meantime) but I can so relate to this! Especially in winter! I try to blog about twice a week but it's so hard, the week flies by so quickly!
    Btw congrats on checking fb, twitter and blogs for only 15 minutes, I do that while having breakfast and it takes half an hour before I realise I'm still in my pyjama's and class starts in 20 minutes :D I do hope I find time to blog soon, I feel so sad about it! x

  7. you can make a schedule for a week in the weekend. :) Irene Wibowo

  8. How do you have time for a paper in the morning?! My working mornings are like a military operation where I have every job timed to the second - no time for papers! Means I get longer in bed. :)

    I haven't blogged in weeks due to work, I feel so bad! Xo

  9. You wake up at 6:15 when you have to leave at 8:10??? I wake up at 6:15 and I leave the house at 6:30!


  10. Sounds soooo familiar!I haven't managed an outfit post in ages as I can't seem to find any daylight when I come back from work!My only solution has been to plan my morning outfit from the night before but still I'm to tired to think of anything interesting!Anyway I guess I'mm stuck in a rut and I'll get over it soon!


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