Week In Photos

I apologise that this is super late. I've had a really crazy week because I had family stuff going on all weekend and I've been up and down with being ill the last couple of days, so I apologise for being MIA. I guess when you get to the last photo you'll also know why...

1. Roasted chickpeas with taco seasoning
OHEMGEESOGOOD. If you've never had roasted chickpeas, you are missing out. Just mix a tin of chickpeas up with some salt and seasoning, spread some tin foil on a baking tray, spray with fry light and roast for 10-15 minutes at a time, checking and stirring them around each time. I like mine after about 20 minutes when they're still a bit soft, but for crunchy, crisp-like chickpeas roast for about 30-40 minutes. Then eat!
2. Halloween!
My Mum carved this awesome pumpkin for Halloween and I was on doorbell duty. However, having a pumpkin in your porch results in a fatal problem- every kid in the town comes to your house. We had 38 kids and only 30 bags of Haribo. We had to dole out chocolate fingers in freezer bags! In the end we had to move the pumpkin back inside!
3. Train treats
I headed down to Birmingham on Thursday to see two of my best friends, Steph and Ellen. I travelled down with my kindle, almonds and a cheese string for the train!

4. Best Friend Coffee
Ellen and I always get coffee as soon as we see each other and we always go to the same Starbucks! Lattes all around!
5. Pumpkin Soup
We had a lovely lunch with Steph at the cutest little deli in the Jewellery Quarter. This pumpkin soup was amazing!
6. Quinoa Burrito Bowls
If you've been reading my blog for a while you might know about my love of Chipotle! Mmm Mexican food. I tried out these Chipotle-style burrito bowls for lunch on Friday. So good!
7. First-ever James Bond Film
Confession: until Friday I had never seen a James Bond film, and nor had I ever wanted to. However my Mum really wanted to see Skyfall and I agreed to come along for a night out of the house and a free dinner. I actually really enjoyed it!
8. New watch!
I hate hate hate not wearing a watch, and I broke my old watch while I was in America, and a few weeks ago also broke my Walmart replacement watch. I wanted a new one for Christmas but couldn't wait that long, so I fell in love with this one from Asos. I love it!
9. More travelling snacks!
This was my bag of munchies on the way to Leeds- roasted chickpeas and roasted kale. Nom.
10. Lazy Sunday curls
Who wants to do their hair on a Sunday? I was feeling rubbish all day so I decided to stay with bed hair!
11. Bright pink wellies
My wellies had their annual day out yesterday- for a bonfire of course!
12. Finally getting the hat/hair combo right!
I have never managed to get my hair right while wearing a hat and tend to just give up on hats. But this time I think I nailed it, even if the curls had fallen out by the time I got to the bonfire!
13. Job Interview Outfit
Okay these photos are slightly out of order, but after seeing this dress on Olivia's blog I knew it was the dream big-girl-job dress, and had to get it for my interview yesterday! (I also bought her belt!)
14. Generic bonfire night photos
I had a lovely time at the bonfire yesterday. I love fireworks! The only downside was it was the funfair rides and fireworks made me miss Seaside Heights so much. We always had fireworks on the beach on Sunday and Wednesday nights!
15. Homemade lentil soup
Okay, I'm not one to brag but I really do make amazing lentil soup. Recipe to come soon... (and yes, that is a panda salt shaker. Do you expect anything less?!)
16. Election-ready
Okay, I know I don't get a vote, but after living in America twice I kinda consider myself an honorary American so I dressed accordingly!
Seriously. I've always worn MAC fluidline but it tends to smudge above my eyes and when it powder over it to keep it in place it goes a dull grey. So, after the recommendation from Llymlrs I decided to give this a go, and I love it! The felt tip end is kinda hard to use and it's a bit thin, but my god, it's super black and it lasts ALL DAY. I'm talking 12+ hours. Awesome.

19. Supporting my favourites States
You might remember me getting my Minnesota necklace after my year abroad there, and I recently bought the NJ necklace to commemorate my summer working on the Jersey shore. Of course, with election night tonight there really is no better night to show my support to them!
20. Champagne
So, today I got a job. A really, grown-up, big girl job. After the San Francisco incident a few months ago I decided to keep quiet for the most part about my interviews. It's been a bit of a long process- I was contacted by a recruitment agency a few weeks ago, passed through the assessment centre (where only 6 of us made it through to be represented, out of 20 people) and then went on to real job interviews. From the first time I entered the office, I knew this was the job I wanted, and after three interviews with them, I finally got the call today that they wanted to offer me the job! It has not at all been easy, and I have worked really, really hard to get this position. I am proud of myself though, because they told me they interviewed lots of other graduates and candidates with experience but I really impressed them. So, you are looking at the Business Development Executive for Frank Design Ltd! Wheeee big girl job! I'm so excited!

Now, I'd better go order pencil skirts and get ready for a long night of watching the election results. You know you have an American Studies degree when, right?


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