Monday Dress

Every girl needs a Monday dress. Okay, I know it's not Monday, it's kind of a metaphor for those days when you just need to throw something on and go. For me, Mondays usually go one of two ways. One kind of Monday starts bright and early. After a good long weekend of rest and relaxation, I am ready to go. It's a Monday that starts with getting up before my last alarm, an inventive and exciting breakfast, and a creative outfit. A great way to start the week. More often than not, however, is the other kind of Monday. The roll out of bed  twenty minutes later than I should, shove some makeup on, eat the quickest breakfast I can and throw on my Monday dress. This dress is for all those mornings when I don't have the energy to think of a creative work outfit. And I'm not going to lie, there have been times when I've worn it multiple times in the same week. Dress, blazer, tights, heels- out the door.
heels- Marks and Spencer
necklace- Forever 21
I first saw this dress on the gorgeous Olivia of What Olivia Did way back in October and it was the first dress I bought for work. I wore it for my third and final interview for my job! Okay, I usually remember to pull it down so it doesn't wrinkle like this, but I love the floral and lace print and the pencil style. I really need to get more dresses in this shape for easy Monday mornings!
Have a great week!

Charlotte x


  1. Hello you pretty lady, I think your outfit looks really good on you!

    Have the loveliest day,


  2. I love this dress, I am always on the hunt for work appropriate wiggle dresses that create a clear waist line. Love the top/bottom divide on this one.
    check us out? follow back on GFC?

  3. That dress is the cutest. I wore my "Monday" outfit today too, after discovering the zipper was broken on the skirt I'd planned to wear. Oh well, one must roll with fashion's punches.

  4. Yes. Everybody needs a Monday dress - for many days of the week. And maybe multiples. Dresses are just the easiest things to wear ever. Especially when you only have a few minutes to get ready. Yours is super cute on you and I love the mixed prints in it. It's very flattering too!


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