Week in Photos

Two weeks' worth again!

1. Sunday night TV with my Dad
We're really into Friday Night Dinner at the moment (thanks Jenny for introducing it to me!), does anyone else think it's great?
2. Cauliflower rice
Cauliflower rice is awesome. If you haven't tried it, you really need to. We also had cauliflower mash last week which is yummy.
3. Two ingredient pancakes
One mashed banana, one egg. There are loads of recipes on the internet if you want to give them a try. I've not quite got these quite right, but they're a good breakfast with berries and a little bit of maple syrup.
4. Quorn meatballs with homemade tomato sauce and courgette spaghetti
Okay, one more veggie substitute! I can't remember where I found the courgette spaghetti recipe, but it was just cut up courgette, cooked in boiling water for a minute and then blanched in cold water. Lovely.
5. Dad's fruit salad
My dad has been making a lot of fruit salad lately, therefore I have been eating a lot of fruit salad lately.
6. Duluth weather
A few days ago I was really cold and thought, wow, I wonder how cold it is in Duluth. Minus twenty six (celcius) was how cold. Seriously, how did I used to cope? It's minus one here and I'm cold!
7. Furry hat to work
8. Free lunch at work!
My boss bought us lunch last Friday! Goat's cheese and veg pizza for lunch is always good!
9. Banana, berry, greek yoghurt and almond milk smoothie
I was given some free almond milk at Piccadilly the other day and I am completely hooked! So good in a smoothie after a workout!
10. Saturday morning frittata
I love making breakfast for my Mum and I on a Saturday morning. Frittata is usually our favourite.
11. Batman Trilogy Weekend!
Yeah so last Saturday two of my best friends came over and we watched all three Batman movies. I'd never seen Batman Begins before so I enjoyed how it set up the other two films. After great deliberation we decided that The Dark Knight Rises is definitely the best!
12. My new poaching pods came!
I blame Amy for posting these on her blog and making me need them! I love poached eggs but I suck at making them.
13. First go with my poaching pods!
Successful breakfast!
14. Laid back Sunday outfit
15. Meal planning on a Sunday
16. European cool or mismatched mess?
My Sunday outfit was a little all over the place. Red jeans, purple panda socks, black converse, leopard coat, oh and my furry hat
17. Amaziiiiing shortbread
Seriously, this was amazing. I'll try to post the recipe up.
18. Veggie crumble
So so good for Sunday dinner.
19. Favourite work outfit
I need to get this photographed this week
For some reason lately I've been really excited by the prospect of toasties. We christened it yesterday, and consequently made a massive mess, of course.
21. Leopard for work.
22. My "I have nothing to wear" dress
23. 900 twitter followers!
24. Another post-workout smoothie
This time mango, berry, yoghurt and almond milk.
25-26. Photos in the Independent
Okay you totally can't see my photo credit, but I had some photos published in the Independent yesterday! My friend Kayleigh's housemate Chloe works for them and asked me if they could use some of my food photos for an article on Foodstagrams so I sent her some pictures! Finally taking photos of my food has paid off!
27. What the heck do you wear to a christening?
I had a christening to go to today which was a lot of fun but I had no idea what I wear! I went for a floral dress, blazer and pink mary janes.


  1. Are the pics from instagram? I'm on my Phone so i can't see if you have any o.O
    Love them. Such an inspiration :)
    I FOLLOW you. Come check my blog and maybe FOLLOW if you'd Like :)

  2. Awesome! Goat cheese and veggie pizza sounds AHMAZEING. :D



  3. Love your christening outfit, and those pancakes look AMAZING.

  4. I love that furry hat, so cosy looking, and your Christening outfit is amazing, that blazer is gorgeous xo


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