Week in Photos

It seems that I don't take enough photos in a week for a week in photos post, so these photos are from the last two weeks. Enjoy!
1. Over the clouds
View from the plane on the way to Paris. With no filter!
2. Complimentary macarons in the hotel
3. Pink lips
4. Favourite boots
5. Latest challenge
So much harder than the 30 Day Shred! I love working out every night though!
6. Best bun ever!
And my David and Goliath pajamas (they say "Nice Junk" haha)
7. Yet another cold
Fourth in two months (waaaah!)
8. Complimentary smoothie sample made my day last Friday
9. Saturday morning frittata
I love making breakfast on a Saturday morning. It's usually a frittata made up of anything I can find in the fridge!
10-12: Impulse ASOS order
Apparently I like spikes.
13. Affirmations and £1.50 lattes
14. Ladybird friend on my desk
15. Monday night dinner before my photography class
Gherkins <3
15. I'm going to Amsterdam!
16. Sushi in my lunchbox
17. First alumni magazine!
18. Red lips, tartan and studs
19. Cowboy boots all the way from Nashville, Tennessee
20. Ready for drinks last night (and a rare good hair night)
21. Sunday cooking
In my new apron (thanks Dad!)
22. A vat of veggie chilli
I made 10 portions!
23. Afternoon snack
Fage 0% Greek yoghurt, berries and honey


  1. Love your studded boots :)
    So jealous of your Paris trip too!

    Rosie x


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