Miami Vice

Yep, more workwear! I apologise if you're getting sick of it, but it's only going to get worse! The truth is, I'm in work five days a week and I spend my weekends in jeans and jumpers, so unless I take photos of my work outfits I have nothing to take photos of! Plus, because I'm in work every day there isn't really much point in investing in new clothes unless I can wear them for work. This also means at the moment you're stuck with slightly-rubbishy-before- work photos. I take photos in the conservatory to try to get as much natural light as possible (it's also the only room with a plain white wall!) but when you're trying to take photos at 8am in January natural light is a little hard to come by! Anyway, I'm actually quite enjoying photographing my work outfits. It's so easy to wear boring outfits to work or to not get excited about workwear, but like I said, if I don't get excited about what I wear to work every day I only have the weekends to dress up and that's not fun! It's quite difficult to come up with interesting outfits to wear to work every day (and believe me, I don't wear interesting outfits every day!) so I'm going to try to post more workwear to keep me creative. When I first started my grown up job I had no idea what to wear but I'm picking it up as I go, so I hope my workwear posts are useful to people who are just about to start in the working world and need inspiration!
blazer- c/o Matalan
trousers- New Look
shirt- Modiste Boutique
heels- Marks and Spencers
Now if you've been reading my blog for a while you'll know that I am a bit of a blazer addict. Blazers were one thing I didn't need to buy for my working wardrobe. On last count I had red, mustard, navy, black, nude, beige, tweed, pink, grey, tartan, panda print, floral, and my latest, this white one from Matalan. At first it felt a bit Miami Vice but once I paired it with my new favourite skinny trousers from New Look (they were £10. £10!) and my black shirt I was over the moon with the result. It's a slightly longer, more relaxed fit which is a little different from my usual style but I really love it and think it will be great for the weekend too. Matalan have a great selection of women's blazers- how awesome is that yellow one?!
Well I'm having a crazy busy week at work so I'm gonna have a relaxing evening watching TV and doing Jillian Michaels (Ripped in 30 Level 2, Day 5!)
Have a lovely evening!

Charlotte x


  1. Yaaay I'm so glad you're doing more workwear posts - I love seeing what other people wear for work and getting inspiration =D Although I'm super jealous of you being able to wear heels for work, maybe if I had my own classroom I could, but I'd still walk into things and trip over in the classroom though =/ Seriously, I do walk into tables in the middle of lessons, it's embarrassing!
    Anyway, I love those black trousers - I've been looking for some and cannot find any anywhere - are they still selling these?!

  2. Love your white blazer! I want one too, but I can't seem to find the perfect one! I want slightly boyfriend fit but still with a 'business lady' vibe :D I recently found the perfect black blazer at Zara (and a pair of black treggings, I've been living in those), they make me feel so fancy haha! And more workwear outfits, it's what you wear on daily basis and that's what your blog is about, right? ;) xxx

  3. LOVE this look, professional but so chic. I love the longer fit of the blazer and I think I need some skinny trousers like that.

  4. Very snazzy! I love this black and white look. I, too, quite enjoy blazers, but I'll have to invest in some better-fitting ones when I start real grown-up-people work. This white one is super cute on you and I love the trousers too. They were such a bargain!


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