Don't stop calling, you're the reason I love losing sleep

I wore this outfit last week when I must have been feeling particularly racy. Mixed prints for work? I know right. I wasn't 100% sure at first if this outfit worked, but I think with the small polka dots I can get away with it. When mixing prints, especially in this case as it was for work, I always go for one "big" print and one small, or "neutral" print. By neutral print I mean black and white polka dots, black and white stripes or leopard print- a print that goes with everything. And big prints refers to any print that is, well, big or bold, such as a large floral print or tartan. And you can definitely wear mixed prints to work if you make sure they balance. I've been planning a "how to dress for work" post for months now but I keep adding new things to the list! I've been at my job almost a year now (!) so maybe I'll write it eventually to coincide with that. Oh and I don't have to justify a tartan pencil skirt now do I?
tartan pencil skirt- Dorothy Perkins
polka dot blouse- New Look
necklace- Zalando
boots- c/o Clothing at Tesco
This feels like the first time I've had to sit down and relax since before the weekend. This weekend was busy! Friday night I had a date, then Saturday started out with another parkrun PB (32 minutes, 28 seconds- beating my previous weeks' time by 45 seconds!) and then a train journey straight down to Birmingham. I had a lovely time with my girlfriends catching up but we really are getting too old for clubbing now! We were all exhausted by 1.30am and left the club at 2. After going to bed at 3 I still woke up at 9am! These days we all much prefer having time to really talk and catch up when we see each other, and club nights just don't give us the opportunity to do that. On Sunday I came back home and somehow managed to drag myself out for a 5 mile run in the afternoon, and it was lovely. I've needed a great run for a few weeks now and it was one of those runs that made me think "yes! This is why I love running!" I went to my friend Shaunagh's for dinner last night and talked her into doing couch to 5K and I don't think people believe how unbelievably bad I was at running when I started and how much I hated it. If you've just started the programme or are thinking of starting it, seriously, just give it a go. I never thought I'd be the person to say "oh I had a lovely 5 mile run" but it really is a bug. Running is such an addiction (seriously, who am I?!). Even more weird is that over the last few weeks, all the clothes I've bought have been for running. Leggings, winter wicking tops, a waterproof jacket, gloves, headband, socks... I can't believe I'm getting excited about buying running socks!
Anyway I have a bazillion things to do tonight so I'd better be off. I'm off out tomorrow night on a second date!

Have a lovely evening!

Charlotte x


  1. I have that shirt! I don't think I've worn it much as it feels incredibly oversized on me! Looks awesome with tartan though.

    A DATE? Hope we hear more soon.. ;) I know what you mean about club nights too... cuppa and a slice of cake after work is more my thing these days.

    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  2. I love that outfit, even if, as in your own words, it's a little 'racy' for work, I think it looks gorgeous!

  3. This is such an awesome work outfit! I absolutely love that you rocked mixed prints at work. I worry that I'll have to wear boring clothes when I'm in a real work environment next year. I don't want to be boring! I'll definitely be getting inspiration from you. I love how the polka dots and plaid look together. Your plaid skirt is so awesome!

  4. No joke, my running socks are in my top ten list of favourite clothes. They are labelled left and right! Super comfy! Totally cool looking! Ahem... But seriously, running socks.

  5. Oh, and I totally get you about being too old for clubbing now. I walk in and instantly feel like I'm surrounded by 17 year olds!


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