(Very late) September in Photos

Eeek this is super-duper late but I've just had such a busy week! I was away for a week and a bit in September and didn't take my phone off Airplane mode for a week, but I think it's fair to say I still took plenty of photos! Here's what I got up to last month...
1. Charlotte rock
My colleague Kris went to Blackpool and brought me back some rock with my name on. Yay.
2. Polar Ft4
I looooove my Polar! I've wanted one for ages and finally chose the FT4 (over the FT7 which was a bit more expensive and didn't have any additional features I needed). I love it for pacing on my long runs and it's also great to know how many calories my workout has burned. This was after levels 1 and 2 of the 30 Day Shred which was a bit disappointing! I'm amazed how many calories running burns. No wonder I'm always hungry!
3. My first proper running injury
I have problems with my right leg from time to time and at the start of the month I pulled something in my thigh. I stretched and iced it and took a few (reluctant) days of from running, and was extra careful on my next few runs.
4. Recreation of Spanish breakfast
We had boiled eggs, fresh tomatoes and toast every morning in Spain, sat on the balcony. It wasn't quite the same on a rainy Tuesday in Stockport!
5. Afternoon snacks
6. Giant baked egg breakfast after one of my long runs.
7. Bridemaid portrait
Circa 1996
8. Winter= red lips and tartam
9. Shopping picks
HMV 2 for £10 will always stress me out #firstworldprobs
10. Saturday night dinner face
11-12. Stockport 10K
I've talked about this experience here, but it was seriously one of the proudest moments of my life crossing that finish line!
13. Post 10K cheese. With side of jacket potato and beans
My thought process was "I just ran 6 miles. ALL THE CHEESE."
14. Sunday afternoon film
I'm not even a little bit ashamed of how much I love this film. It is one of my absolute favourites. I have a few of the songs on my running playlist and seriously, sometimes they're the only thing that gets me through.
15. Half marathon sign up.
Yeah. So after completing the Stockport 10K (bearing in mine my 10K goal wasn't intended to be completed until next May), I was ready for another challenge. I initially dismissed the idea of doing a half marathon, but my friend Sarah was doing it and I knew places filled very quickly. So I bit the bullet. EEK.
16. Benefit Stay Flawless primer
This was my face at 6pm after applying this under my foundation at 7am. I added a little powder around 3pm but no more foundation. I was seriously impressed. I know a lot of people don't like this product, but it is all about technique. Primer cheek, foundation cheek, primer forehead, foundation forehead etc. A stiff brush is also best to use. I think it's great!
I will never stop loving the University of Birmingham. Seeing these posters round Piccadilly always made me smile.
18. This is what my evenings look like 90% of the time.
19. Putting chocolate chips in my protein pancakes cause I felt racy
20. Another running injury
Same leg, same frozen chips, different muscle.
21. British Fashion Blogger Top Trumps cards
How cool are these? They were produced by the awesome people at Stylefruits and feature dozens of brilliant British bloggers, so I was so honoured to be asked to get involved. Now who wants to play?
22. More DVDs
After Hairspray, I had to buy Grease (I only have it on video!). And don't tell me I have to justify anything with Zac Efron in? Please.
23. Homemade portabello mushroom burgers
Did I mention I love my George Foreman?
24. Curry night with Mum.
25. Another Park Run PB!
Okay, context on this one. I woke up feeling rubbish at 5am and spent the morning downing Lemsip. I didn't want to run and really didn't think I would get a PB. I'd seen on Twitter the night before that if you got a park run PB that morning you'd be entered into a draw for a pair of Adidas trainers, and I really wanted to see if I could make the cut. But I didn't think I could do it. After a motivational tweet from Adidas I bloody did it! I know I'm still not fast but I've come so far over the last few months.
26. Brilliant DM typo
27. My Auntie and Uncle's 25th Wedding Anniversary cake
When my cousin Rob was getting married 3 years ago, he really struggled to find cake toppers that he liked and that weren't incredibly expensive, so he decided to make his own of him and his wife, Sarah. Since then he's made loads of cake toppers for family and friends and he made these for our Auntie and Uncle's wedding anniversary. His attention to detail is amazing- my uncle's shirt has the Stockport County crest on, and he has a grey parrot like his African grey, Charlie, in his backpack.
28. Early morning cooking
After my Uncle's party I woke up 3 hours earlier than expected and instead of going back to sleep, I did the natural thing and...made a quinoa casserole.
29. Uniorns, denim and bling
30. Homeland Season 1
Borrowed of my friend Shaunagh to try to fill the Breaking-Bad-shaped hole in my life. Speaking of which...
31. Breaking Bad finale
Honest truth? It took me about a week to accept that it was over. I loved the finale and truly believe it is the greatest TV show ever made. It was just brilliant. I can't wait to watch it again from the start (when I've finished mourning).
32. Miss KG Leopard Flats
I snagged these in the sale at House of Fraser for £20! Bargain!
33. New running jacket
I've been building up my winter running collection- post coming on this soon- and this was my first purchase. It's super-lightweight and I love it. 


  1. Loved this post! Looks like September was fun! All of your food pictures make me hungry. Love love love the running jacket and leopard flats!


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