The Accessories Maketh The Outfit

I have been really, majorly uninspired lately, in almost every aspect of my life. I've been cooking all the same food, wearing all the same clothes and sticking to the same boring routine of early nights and early morning workouts. This is the first new set of outfit photos I've taken for weeks. Work outfits have become whichever dress is the nearest to pull out of my wardrobe, and at the weekend I've just been throwing on jeans and a jumper and rushing on with my day. Which was pretty much where this outfit came from. I started out fully inspired, pulling dozens of items out of my wardrobe to come up with new combinations, but once three or four didn't work, I got bored and went for my old faithful jeans and a denim shirt. This was my go-to outfit while I was travelling across America last year because it's lazy and comfy. I was just going to throw on my cowboy boots and leave it there when I spotted these leopard flats across the room. And then decided to add my leather jacket and big tartan scarf. And my new tartan bag. And before I knew it, the outfit was transformed. I'm really not great at accessorizing- I've been called out a few times on wearing the same necklace in all my outfit posts for months on end- but I'm glad that I turned a simple jeans-and-chambray-shirt combo into an outfit I really like!
denim shirt- Forever 21
jeans- Topshop
leather jacket- H&M
tartan scarf- ASOS
leopard flats- Miss KG via House of Fraser
satchel- Select Fashion (it's still available!)
I feel like we need to talk about my bag for a second. Isn't it amazing? I'd fallen in love with a tartan Cambridge Satchel on ASOS but I wasn't going to splash £80 on it (as with other accessories, I'm not really a bag girl- I have about 3 that I just rotate) so I just casually searched "tartan satchel" on Shopstyle and this baby popped up for £12 and I couldn't resist! I've told myself this is my last A/W 13 purchase. I've got everything I need now and I'm ready to write my Autumn Winter essentials post as soon as possible. I'm also thinking of trying a "no-shopping-November". I've bought way too much stuff this month and I need a bit of a detox! Plus since Phil and I have been dating I've been enjoying spending money on going out and doing things (even though he never lets me pay!). I'm booking us tickets to go see Sweeney Todd at the Exchange Theatre in Manchester in a couple of weeks and I'm so excited. I'd rather spend money on things like that rather than a new jumper or another pair of shoes! Plus I'm celebrating the fact that I'm dating a guy who agrees to come see a musical with me! I'm also saving up for one last holiday before the end of our financial year- Shaunagh and I are looking at going to Prague in Februrary.
Right well I'm down to one last set of outfit photos so I hope my inspiration comes back soon! I have a couple of non-outfit photos planned over the next few weeks though- I'm working on the Winter essentials post I mentioned, a post about my half marathon training and a few people have asked me to write about my running kit so I'm going to write about that too! 

Hope you're having a lovely week! I'm in for a quiet one tonight, but I did meet the Chuckle Brothers today!

Charlotte x


  1. Charlotte! I love your hair and the bag! And yay, a boy ;)

  2. Sweeney Todd will be so much fun! My boyfriend will watch musicals with me too. It's great!
    As for this outfit, you look so cute! I love how you're pulling off the double denim and mixed prints. Leopard print and plaid look really cute together. I definitely need to mix those patterns soon! Your bag is gorgeous too. I'm right there with you with not being a bag girl, but I would definitely love one like yours!

  3. Aww, how lovely is this satchel, it makes the outfit :)
    Yay for the exciting date news x

  4. You are looking so beautiful. After spending a lot of time on the internet i like your website Nice working thanks for sharing. I am loving this trend as well! i am also interest in Ladies Shoes.

  5. LOVE this outfit. Tartan is something which I love but just don't own enough of! So excited that you met the Chuckle brothers. Amazing.

  6. Haven't checked site for a bit, just your twitter. I love your hair-the color is great! I'm seriously tempted by that bag.

  7. GO TO PRAGUE IN MARCH! I'm planning on a vaycay there for Spring Break! We could meet up!!!!!! :D

  8. Dushman na krey dos n wo kam kya hn umar bhar ka ghm humey inam dia hnbubblegum casting


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