Tartan Pinafore

This pinafore is just about straddling the line of what is appropriate to wear at work. It's a bit too short, and a bit too "little girl's tea party" but oh I love it so much. I first saw it posted on the Lavish Alice instagram and just absolutely fell in love with it. When I first tried it on I had a bit of a dither over whether to keep it or not, but then I decided I just loved it too much to send it back. I mean, come on, it's tartan. I'm looking forward to finding some creative ways to wear it for the weekend. Maybe over a tshirt with a leather jacket, or under a jumper with boots as a skirt? I don't have a lot of experience with pinafores, not since I was 5 anyway, so it's definitely going to be a bit of a challenge to style.
tartan pinafore- Lavish Alice (it's still in stock!)
white shirt- New Look
necklace- Zalando
boots- c/o Clothing at Tesco
I am sooooo glad this week is nearly over! I'm going down to Birmingham on Saturday for Steph's birthday and I haven't seen my full group of friends since May. I am so excited. It's kind of the end of an era though, as Steph is moving back home from Birmingham after being our base there for five years. However the good news is her home town is 15 minutes away from mine so I cannot wait to have her back in my life full-time. Because we lived together at uni and near each other at home, we never went more than a fortnight without seeing each other for about a year and a half before I went on my year abroad. I'm excited to have her back for dinner dates, sleepovers and frozen yoghurt trips. I also have a date tomorrow which is a bit unusual for me, but I'm really looking forward to it!
Anyway, I'm babysitting my Dad tonight because my Mum's away so I think we're in for a film night. 
Have a lovely evening!
Charlotte x


  1. Love this hun, and you've styled it perfectly for work :)

    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  2. I love that you added edge to the dress with the spike necklace, such a good idea! Hope you and your dad had a good time!

  3. Really a cool pair of women shoes you are wearing, I think it's of UK's brand. Is it??


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