Autumn 30 for 30: Week Four

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Day 22
Day 23
Day 24
It's nearly over! Two more days to go! This week has been a struggle for a few different reasons. One, from Tuesday onwards, the temperatures just completely dropped. Outfits that didn't involved a cardigan or jumper were suddenly pretty much out. Plus, it rained a LOT this week, so it was boots or nothing. Or boots or wet feet. Add to that the fact that I've been poorly this week so any kind of getting dressed was unappealing, and that it was the second to last week and I've just been running out of ideas. Oh and that I tried to use up all those unworn items this week that I hadn't included before. I have now worn 29 of my 30 items, but one still remains. That bloody navy skirt. I put it on on Friday and put together a half-decent outfit with it, but I was going down to London to do a presentation for work and knew my outfit was not one I wanted to wear to have people stare at me for 2 hours, so I photographed it but didn't wear it. My navy skirt is too big (stupid M&S vanity sizing) and it makes my legs looks stumpy when worn with flat shoes (and I only included flat shoes in my 30 for 30). I'm planning to wear it tomorrow as it kills me to have one unworn item, but I did manage to wear the other remaining items this week- my red cardigan, red flats and stripey skirt.
Day 25
Day 26
So what else has been going on this week? Not much this week with being poorly for a couple of days, but this week is set to be mental. I go on holiday next Saturday so I have loads to do this week before I go, in particular loads of stuff for this blog! I've also just submitted my final TEFL assessment which is a relief. I started doing the course last year but it's not something I really intend to use any time soon, but I had a year to complete the at-home modules and my time is almost up so I'm glad I've finally finished that. This weekend has been a much-needed quiet one. I was in London for work on Friday and spent 4 hours of my day on trains there and back, so I just about had enough energy for a curry with my Mum on Friday night. Yesterday was pretty quiet- I'm loving T25 so I did that in the morning and then worked on my TEFL, did the food shopping and made a Mexican feast last night before falling into bed at 9.15pm! This morning I really wanted to go for a run (my foot, I think, is finally better!) but my parents don't want me to push my foot too much before we go away so I settled for T25 Speed 1.0 and a trip to go see family. Phil is coming round this afternoon and we're gonna chill out and start watching Peaky Blinders, which I've heard lots of great things about!
Day 27
Day 28
Stay tuned for the full round-up of all 30 outfits this week!

Charlotte x


  1. How did you find your TEFL? My boyfriend is thinking aboutdoing one, but he doesn't really know how much work is involved..
    Your outfitslook lovely as always, by the way!
    Beth x


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